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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

One day I got some mail. It asked if I was interested in ACT (All Childrens Theatere).

I said yes.

Wren was our teacher. She was nice. Once we went all the way to the attic. One kid was afraid of heights. He really wanted to go but he was too frightened. He cried and cried.

The next day, we climbed an even higher ladder. And he climbed it! We all were proud.

Then I was in Half Pint Windom Rides West . Now I am rehearsing for Wizard of Oz. The kids are Littea, Johnathan, Brent, Rossane, Adam, Ben, Christine, Katie, Matt, Jessie, Veronica, Amy, Jessica, Danny, Julie. I love them all.

Acting is great. I love it.

CL, age 8, of Warwick is our youngest Summer Story winner. She is a 3rd grader at John Wickes School.

~Published by the Providence Journel Bulliten, 1992.