A few words before you read

This is my first *ever* attempt at fanfic. I loved reading them so much, that I decided I would try to write one. Well here it is. I hope you like it, please tell me what you think (honestly) by signing my guestbook on the Written Works main page. =) Thanks for taking the time to read my story, I really appreciate it.


This story is not much like the show, because to be blunt, they came across as being sort of dumb on the show, and they are far from it in real life. Some things are like the show, but others aren't. I just couldn't stand to make Peter dumb, I'm sorry. {g}


Ok, I've rambled on enough. Click on the pisture below to read As we go Along. Happy reading! :)

Davy, put that cigeratte out!  There's no smoking in 'ere!

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