Pool Jogging

I went on vacation with my family (I have no idea where we were; there were mountains and stuff though...) and Micky was staying at the same hotel as us. Only he looked like he did in '68, but he was 53 like he is now (do NOT ask...I told you I have weird dreams!).

Well for some reason, I was *obsessed* with having him autograph my copy of his book, so I had it tucked into my shirt the whole trip. I even went so far as to sign up for the activites he was doing at our hotel (I guess it was some sort of resort), and I signed up for pool jogging.

What pool jogging is, (I guess, I don't think there really is such a thing...) is running around a pool basicly ...which is really dumb cuz you can slip on the wet concrete and get seriously hurt, but it was like this really popular sport.

Well finally, I caught up with him and asked him to sign my book ....and he didnt' have a pen.