Autographs, Beatings, and Jim Morrison

I was at my aunt's house, and it was Christmas. Her living room was like a warehouse, all big and cold, you know. Anyway, I was there with my cousin Karen and her boyfriend, Jim Morrison. Well my aunt comes over to us and asks if we've seen the special guest. So I'm all "special guest?????". She then points over to a table where there is a large crowd of people. I make my way over to the table, extremely curious as to who's over there. Well I finally get past the crowd, and there sits Micky Dolenz, signing autographs. He looks different though... his hair is in a buzz cut on top, but he still has that ponytail. So anywho, I get closer and I desperatly wanted him to sign something of mine...only I couldn't find anything. But I *did* get to talk to him, though we were interrupted by some jerk who came over and just started beating me! I looked up, and realised it was Jim Morrison.

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