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Happenings on the Subway

I was sitting on the subway, minding my own business. The subway was empty, and I was all alone. It made a stop after a few minutes, and a guy got on. So he was staring at me, and just standing there. The subway started to move after a minute, and the guy took off his trenchcoat (did I forget to tell you he was wearing a trenchcoat? Well he was), and I noticed he was wearing this *extremely* fringiful outfit. Have you ever seen the Who live at the IOW? Well the fringe quotient was equal to Roger Daltrey's in that video. He then started to walk towards me. Of course, I was a little scared. So I got up and moved my seat farther away from him. And he kept walking towards me. So I ran...and he started *chasing* me. I just kept running, until I woke up.