The Human Comedey: How We Must Learn To Laugh At Life

In order to be truely happy in life, a person must learn to laugh at themselves. It's the only way to survive the obstacles that life puts forth.

Everyone has bad things happen to them, but not everyone knows how to deal them. Many people take their own lives, or become seriously depressed because they can't handle the trials of life. They don't know how to laugh and go on with their life. They are too serious and dramatic about their misfortunes. As traumatic as a crisis is, it is even worse if you can not get past it.

I have learned to laugh at myself and the things that I thought had upset me when I was younger. When I think back, I laugh to think of how upset I was by such silly things.

I remember being terribly upset a few years back because a boy I liked found out about it. At the time, I thought the world was coming to an end or something! Now that I look back, I find it quite funny that I was that upset over such a stupid thing.

The old cliche says: "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade". Well it's true. If something bad happens, you must learn to find the best in situation and get by it.