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An Altruistic Person

An altruistic person is one who keeps others in high regard, and posesses a high maturity level. An example of an altruistic person is my best friend. He is altruistic because he has these qualities, and acts according to his morals.

I have known him since seventh grade; and although we only recently became friends, his altruistic qualities have always shown through. He was always kind to others, even if he did not really like them. He was even nice to me after I took his locker, in seventh grade. He is respectful of everyone, and treats everyone in a friendly manner. He is always willing to help out a friend in whatever way he can, and he is a great friend to others and myself.

Whenever I have a problem, he always listens to me. Even though at times I go on and on, he still listens. He often puts other people's needs before his own, especially where his family is concerned. Also, he volunteers at a hospital in his free time. All of these things are fine examples of his altruistic personality.

Written: February 5, 1999 for Health class
Grade: B+ (88%)