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A Conscientious Person: Myself

The stage or character development I am in can best be described as conscientious. I make rules for myself, and abide by those rules.

I am very independant, and rely on my own set of rules to make decisions in my life. I am aware of the opinions and views of others, and I take them into consideration; but in the end, I make my own choices.

I have my own way of doing things, and I don't allow anyone to interfere with them. Many people would say this was stubborn, but I just trust my own judgement on everything, rather than anyone else's.

When I buy clothes, I choose what I want to buy, regardless of the popular name brands everyone else wears. When it comes to music, I listen to the music *I* like, rather than letting the musical choices of others influence me.

All of these are evidence that I am a truely concientious person.

Written: February 5, 1999 for Health class
Grade: B+ (88%)