Chapter 1: Lady's Baby Smiles and Coos...

Micky walked across the sandy beach as quickly as he could. He wanted to see Angel very badly, as he had not seen her much all week. Her job at Rolling Stone was keeping her busy and really tiring her out, but he knew that she absolutely loved it. When he reached her beach house, he took a key out of his pocket. It was a key to Angel's house that she had "accidently" made an extra copy of. She had given it to him so that he could get in if he ever needed anything. Micky put the key into the keyhole and turned it quietly; he had a hunch that Angel would be sleeping, although it was six o' clock at night. He walked into the house and looked around, but did not see her. He tiptoed into her bedroom to see her sleeping soundlessly. He felt bad waking her up, but he had really missed her. He walked over to her, and gently caressed her arm with the back of his hand. She stirred a little, but did not wake up. Next, he took her hand and squeezed it gently; but she still did not wake up. Micky smiled to himself, he knew what ha would do if it were one of his roommates, he would chuck a pillow right at their head! But he could not do that to Angel. He smile to himself, he knew what would wake her up. He leaned down to her face and kissed her gently on the lips. Angel's eyelids fluttered open, and she squinted in his direction.

"Mick?" she said in a raspy voice that she always woke up with. Micky laughed, she sounded so funny talking like that. She reached for her glasses on the nightstand beside her bed, and sat up.

"Yeah, it's me." he said. She put her glasses on and smiled at him. "Sorry to wake you, but I just wanted to see you. I mean, you've been so busy all week..."

"I know," she said, pulling his arm in an invitation to sit with her on the bed. "it's ok." She cupped his face in her hands, and kissed him tenderly. Micky put his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. He returned her kiss, and ran his fingers through her wavy brown hair. Their kisses were interrupted suddenly by a knock at the door. They stopped mid-kiss, and Angel groaned loudly.

"Whoever that is, I'm gonna kick their a-" the knock came again. Angel jumped out of bed and walked over to the door. She opened it with an annoyed look on her face, but her expression changed when she saw who was there. She squealed happily as she threw her arms around the visitor. Micky saw that it was a girl a little taller than Angel was. She looked about eighteen, and had auburn hair a little longer than Angel's. Angel let go of her, and smiled brightly. "I can't believe you're here!" she said happily. Then she turned to Micky. "Oh, I'm sorry. Micky, this is my sister, Olivia. Liv, this is Micky Dolenz, my umm…."

"Boyfriend." Micky said, rolling his eyes affectionately. Angel always had a trouble introducing him. 'Why can't she just say it?' he thought to himself.

"Yeah, my boyfriend." She said, blushing. 'Why can't I just say it?' she thought to herself.

"Hi." Olivia said with a smile. Micky could tell they were related, they had similar features, and even some of the same mannerisms. He knew that he had to leave, and give them some time together.

"Well, I better be going." He said to them. "Nice to meet you Olivia." She nodded. He walked over to Angel and whispered, "Bye Angel-Cakes." She giggled and rolled her eyes; that was one of the many silly names he had for her. Then he kissed her on the cheek and left.


As soon as Micky shut the door, Angel looked her little sister over. She looked a lot different from the last time she had seen her. Something about her was not quite right. Angel could tell she was nervous about something.

"Ok, what is it." She finally asked. Olivia looked down at her feet. "Come on, Mick's gone now. Tell me what's going on." Olivia looked up at her big sister with a sad look in her eyes.

"Well, I…there's reason I'm here, and it isn't for a visit." She said.

"Well I'd already figured that out." Angel replied. "So what is it?" Olivia took a deep breath. She had not seen her sister in about three years, though they had written to each other. But Angel was still the same; always there for her little sisters.

"It's Brian." She said. Angel remembered that Brian was her husband's name. She had been so surprised to hear that her little sister had eloped with a hippie. That was not like her at all, it was more like something Angel would have done. "I…I caught him with another woman yesterday." Olivia's lower lip trembled, and Angel instantly sympathized with her sister. "He didn't even apologize Angel, he yelled at me. I didn't know where to go I just knew I had to leave. I took the car and everything I could fit in it and drove around for hours. I ended up here in Los Angeles, and remembered that you were living here now." Olivia's cheeks were tear-stained by the time she finished telling Angel her story, and Angel hugged her tightly; letting her know that she would take care of her.

"Liv, you're staying here." Angel said. Olivia opened her mouth to protest, but realized that she had no other choice. "And you can stay as long as you want, ok?" Olivia nodded, then Angel looked puzzled. "Liv, where's my nephew?" she asked. Olivia had had a son almost a year ago, but Angel had never seen him. Olivia smiled for the first time since she had entered the house.

"He's in the car, sleeping. I didn't want to wake him up after it took the poor thing so long to get to sleep." She said. "Besides, I didn't know I would be staying here. I'll go get him now, and get my stuff out of the car." She said, walking towards the door.

"I'll help you in a sec, I just gotta put some clothes on." Angel said, looking down at the paisley nightgown she had on.

"What are you doing in pajamas at six o' clock?" Olivia asked with a laugh.

"I've been going to bed early this week because I'm so busy with work. I mean, I've hardly seen Micky all week." Angel stopped talking abruptly. She did not want to remind her sister of any bad memories concerning Brian, and she certainly did not want to brag about her relationship with Micky.

"You can talk about him, it's ok." Olivia reassured Angel. Angel smiled kindly at her sister.

"All right, well I better go get changed. I'll be out in a sec." Angel said, walking towards her room.

Olivia opened the front door and stepped out into the warm sea breezed air. She walked over to the car, and looked in at Paul. He was still asleep, such a good baby he was. She did not want to wake him, so she gently took him out of his car seat and held him close to her. Paul had always been very close to her since she had found out she was pregnant. It had been rough telling Brian, he had not wanted to have children so soon, but he had finally accepted it. 'Or maybe he hadn't, and that's why he was with that other girl.', Olivia thought to herself. She was so confused, she didn't know left from right. She picked up Paul's diaper bag off the front seat, but couldn't hold it and Paul at the same time, so she dropped the bag onto the sand.

She bent down to pick it up, but heard a man's voice from behind her say "Oh, let me get that for you." She looked up, and saw a very attractive man in his early twenties wearing gray pants and a loud paisley shirt. She also noticed that he had on two different colored socks. He had long blondish-brown hair and light brown eyes. He also had amazing dimples that showed when he smiled. She stood up as he retrieved the bag for her. She reached for it, but he placed his hand on her arm. "I'll carry it for you. Where are you going?"

"Just inside." She said softly. Then she realized she didn't even know his name. "I'm Olivia." She said, smiling.

"I'm Peter." He replied with a sweet smile that made her want to melt. "You're going inside there?" he asked, pointing to Angel's house. Olivia nodded. "Are you a friend of Angel's?" he asked, sounding a little surprised. She knew that Angel was a private person, not one to invite friends over, and Peter probably knew that as well.

"No, I'm her sister." She said. Peter racked his brain for a moment, and then he made the connection. Angel had told them a little about her family in the month she had known them, and he remembered that Olivia was the next oldest.

"Oh yeah, I remember now." He said, smiling.

"How do you know her?" Olivia asked, curious as to how her sister knew this gorgeous guy.

"I'm her boyfriend's roommate." He replied.

"Micky, right." She said. She heard the door creak open, and saw her sister walk down the steps wearing a pair of bell bottomed jeans and a white button down tank top. Angel could see faint stars in her sister's eyes, and she laughed to herself.

"Hi Peter." She said. "What are you guys doin' out here?" Olivia opened her mouth to say something, but Paul started to cry. "Let me take him Liv." Angel said. Olivia handed Paul over to her older sister, who smiled with delight. She gently took the baby into her arms, and rocked him gently. She whispered soft comforting words to the baby, and both Peter and Olivia laughed. That wasn't like Angel at all! "What?" she asked, looking up innocently.

"I'll help you take your things in." Peter offered, and Olivia agreed. Angel watched them take things from the car into the house, and smiled. She planned to have a long talk with Olivia later. She looked down at the baby boy in her arms. Of course, he was adorable. It made her think of that time when she had thought she was pregnant. That had been the scariest week of her life. She had been extremely relieved to find out that she was not, but at the same time, she was secretly disappointed. She loved kids, and she looked forward to having her own someday. Billy was not the right person though; he would have made a terrible father. However, Micky…she stopped herself mid-thought. It was way too soon in their relationship to even think about that! She shook her head to rid it of the thought. Peter walked out of her house, and approached her.

"Hey Angel, do you and Olivia want to come watch us play tonight? I already asked her, and she said yes." He said with a hopeful look in his eyes. 'He's asking for my approval.' Angel thought to herself.

"I'd love to come, but I'm way too tired. Olivia can go without me, I'll watch Paul for her." Angel said.

"You sure you don't want to come? I think it would make Micky really happy if you came…" Peter said.

"Well tell Micky that I'm too tired." Angel said. "Tell him to call me tomorrow, I have the day off." Olivia walked out of the house with freshly brushed hair.

"So are you coming Angel?" She asked.

"Nah, you guys can go on without me. I'll stay here and watch Paul."

"You don't have to baby-sit for me!" Olivia protested.

"Oh I don't mind…I'm so tired as it is, I wouldn't be able to stand the club scene tonight. See you guys later." She said yawning. She walked back into her small beach house with a sleeping Paul in her arms. She put him on her bed to sleep, and walked back into the living room. She took out her prints from the photo shoot earlier today. She might as well get some work done while she was up.


Olivia walked silently beside Peter along the beach. She had wanted Angel to go with them so that she would not feel awkward, but she did not feel a bit uncomfortable with Peter.

They stopped walking, and Peter led her to the car, which was already loaded with three other people.

"I thought you were getting Angel," Mike said to Peter "what happened?"

"Hi Olivia." Micky said politely. "Angel decided not to come, eh?" Olivia nodded. "Hey guys, we have a few minutes before we have to leave, right?"

"Yeah we go' a few minutes, but ya betta' hurry up and go ge' 'er." Davy said, eyeing Olivia the whole time. She was a younger auburn-haired version of Angel, and she was gorgeous. "Ello luv!" Olivia fought hard to hold back a giggle. Peter had warned her about Davy on their walk over. He shot her a 'what did I tell you' look, as Davy continued to smile stupidly at Olivia.

"Hi, I'm Olivia, Angel's sister. You must be Davy." She said, as he kissed her hand. She rolled her eyes, and Mike caught her in the rearview mirror. He laughed and shook his head. She was a lot like her sister.


Angel sat on her forest-green crushed velvet couch singing softly to her crying nephew. He had begun to cry the second she had sat down to look at her prints.

"Don't cry luv, I got ya." She said softly, gently rocking him as she spoke. "Each night before you go to bed, my baby…" she sang one of her favorite songs in a soft, soothing voice. Paul calmed down and began to smile at the sound of her voice. "Whisper a little prayer for me my baby…" she was interrupted by the sound of a knock at the door. With Paul in her arms, she walked over to the door and opened it. She saw Micky standing there, his eyes wide in shock.

"Hey babe…whose baby is th-" he started to ask in a confused voice. Angel laughed out loud.

"This is my nephew, Paul." She said, still laughing at his reaction. "What are you doing here? I thought you guys had a gig."

"We do…I wanted you to come."

"Well I can't. I mean, I'm watchin' Paul. I can't just bring him to some night club."

"We're not playing a night club, it's a party at a country club. Some girl's sweet sixteen party. It's not gonna be crazy or anything, it's ok to bring Paul."

"I don't know Mick…"


"Ok, ok. I'll go. Should I get changed?" Micky thought for a moment.

"Well it is a sweet 16 party…" Angel thought for a moment.

"Ok, then I will. Take Paul for a minute? I'll be right back." She said, handing Paul to him, then walking into her bedroom and shutting the door. Micky sat down with the little boy in his arms. Paul's expression turned sorrowful, and his lower lip started to quiver. 'Just like Angel.' Micky thought to himself.

"Aww, don't cry man. I'm not gonna hurt ya." Micky said. Paul did not look any happier. Micky thought for a moment then started making all kinds of crazy faces to make Paul laugh. It worked. He could hear Angel rummaging through her closet looking for something to wear. After a few minutes, she walked out of her room wearing a short green dress, her hair tied pushed from her face by a matching ribbon-headband. She looked beautiful. She smiled at Micky.

"Come on boys, let's go." Micky handed Paul back to Angel, and the three of them walked back to the pad where the others were waiting in the Monkeemobile. Mike was driving, and Davy was up front with him. Peter and Olivia were sitting in the back having a serious conversation between just the two of them. Micky opened the door for Angel and Paul, and helped her into the car. Then he got in, and they drove away.


The party was fun, despite the fact that Angel was exhausted. She sat with Paul and Olivia while they watched the guys play, and all the young girls flirt with them. Angel still was not used to that, though she tried not to show it too much. Olivia was just downright mad though. She saw the look that blonde in front of the stage was giving Peter, and she was not happy about it. When the guys took a break, they were practically mobbed by all the young teenyboppers. The blonde went right up to Peter, and Angel could almost see steam coming out of her younger sister's ears. Olivia hated to be ignored. She walked over to where the blonde was talking to Peter and laughing in light airy way that made her stomach churn.

"Hey Peter." Olivia said casually, taking his hand. "You guys are doing a great job." Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the blonde girl getting an annoyed look on her face.

"Thanks Liv." He said with a charming smile. Everytime he smiled, Olivia wanted to melt. Those dimples were killer. "Where's Paul?"

"With Angel." She said, gesturing towards where they were sitting. Peter looked over to see Angel talking to Micky and holding the baby. Paul kept trying to squirm out of her arms, but she would not let him. Olivia laughed.

"He's a handful sometimes, but I don't love him any less because of it." She noticed the blonde had left, and silently cheered to herself to celebrate her victory. "Come sit with us?"

"Ok." Peter said. They walked through the mob of dancing teens to where Angel, Micky, Paul, and Mike were sitting. "Where's Davy?" he asked. Mike pointed to him dancing with the birthday girl. Micky rolled his eyes; he could see the twinkling stars in their eyes from where he was sitting. He looked over at Angel, who was sitting next to him. She was busy trying to get Paul to stop moving around so much.

"Oh I'll take him Angel." Olivia said, taking Paul from Angel.

"No, let me." Peter said. He gently lifted Paul out of Olivia's arms. Paul immediately stopped fussing and softly cooed and smiled at Peter. Everyone else at the table stared at him. Even Olivia was amazed that Paul was behaving so well. He did not usually behave for men. Peter noticed the looks he was getting, and looked at Olivia. "A handful? I don't think so." Micky looked over at Angel, but she was not there. Her body was, but her mind was far away. She got like that sometimes, and Micky wondered where she went. He put his hand on her shoulder, and she looked up at him.

"Hey, where'd ya go?" he asked softly.

"I was asleep." She said with a tiny smile. Micky laughed when he realised that she wasn't kidding.

"You're that tired, huh? If I knew that, I wouldn't have made you come….sorry."

"No, it's ok. I'll live." She said, pushing her chair a little closer to Micky's. Mike got up off his chair.

"I'll take you home after this if you want, ok?" Micky said to Angel.

"Hey guys, time to do another set." He said. The other three all got up as well.

"All right." She said, kissing him on the cheek before he went up on stage.

Micky watched Angel from behind the drums. There was something about her tonight that wasn't right. He wasn't sure what is was, but he planned on finding out. That set turned out to be their last one due to the fact that the kids were getting out of hand, and Mr. Russell didn't want to be kicked out of his country club. They all piled into the Monkeemobile, and Mike drove back to the pad. By the time they got back, he was the only one awake. This didn't make him happy, now he would have to wake everyone up. Luckily for him everyone woke up on their own when the car stopped. Angel lifted her head off of Micky's shoulder slowly, and gently rubbed her eyes. She looked up at Micky, who was also rubbing his eyes.

"I'll walk you home so you don't fall asleep on the beach, ok?" Micky said, nuzzling the top of Angel's head. She nodded and they got out of the car. Behind them were Olivia and Peter.

"I'm just gonna walk Liv home guys!" he shouted to Mike and Davy, who were already in the doorway of the pad. Peter slowed down so that Micky and Angel could get ahead of them. Olivia looked up at him and met his eyes. "Let me carry him." Peter said, gesturing towards a sleeping Paul. Olivia handed him to Peter, and they began to walk. Olivia shivered from the cool sea breeze, and Peter put his arm around her. They walked in a comfortable silence, and Olivia enjoyed every second of it. They reached Angel's house a few minutes later, and Peter handed Paul back to Olivia.

"Thanks for walking me home Peter." Olivia said softly.

"No problem." Peter said with a smile. "Hey if you're not doing anything tomorrow, I'll give you that tour of Los Angeles I promised you." They had talked about that on the car ride to the party, and Olivia had hoped he would remember.

"Sounds like fun. I hope you don't mind that I have to bring Paul. I would ask Angel to watch him, but she's doing so much for me already. Besides, it's her day off tomorrow and she really needs the rest."

"It's ok if you bring the little guy," Peter said "but I know that Micky will watch him for a little while if we leave early enough. And Angel sleeps late, so we'll be back by the time she wakes up."

"I don't know Peter…"

"Don't worry, Micky'll do it. You are Angel's little sister after all."

"Well I guess it's ok, if he agrees to it. So what time should I be ready by?"

"Umm, around nine?"

"All right. Lucky for you I didn't inherit Angel's sleeping habits." Olivia said jokingly. "Well I better bring Paul in and put him to bed. Thanks for inviting me to the party tonight, I had fun. I'll see you tomorrow." She said. Peter leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Goodnight Liv." He said. Then she walked into the house and shut the door.


Angel looked behind her to see Peter and Olivia walking close to each other. She sighed to herself…this was really bothering her now. Micky was noticing her sudden change in mood since her sister had arrived, and he wondered what was going on.

"Babe, what's wrong?" he asked, putting his arm around her.

"It's just…it's my sister. I'm just worried about her."

"She seems ok…"

"I know, that's why I'm so worried. I mean, if she was upset or something I wouldn't be half as worried. But she's pretending everything's ok, and now her and Peter…I don't want either one of them to get hurt, Mick." She said, looking up at him as the approached her house. She unlocked the door, took Micky's hand, and brought him inside. She then shut the door behind her. "Can you stay for a little while?" she asked. He nodded. This was obviously really bothering her, and wanted to do anything he could to help her. She reached up and kissed him a short but lingering kiss. "Thanks Mick." She said sincerely.

"No problem babe." He said. "Now tell me what's goin' on." Angel told him the whole story; how Olivia was married, how her husband had had an affair, how upset she was when she arrived, and how she seemed to really like Peter. She was done with the story just as Olivia, walked…no, floated into the house. Micky and Angel exchanged looks of concern…it was obvious something had happened between her and Peter, they could tell just by the pure happiness in her eyes.

"Hey Ang, I need to talk to you later, ok?" she said. Angel nodded. Olivia brought Paul into Angel's room to put him into his cradle that she had brought.

"Wonder what that's about." Micky thought out loud.

"I'll tell you what it's about…she wants to talk about Peter." Angel stated unhappily.

"I still don't get it…why don't you want her to like Peter?" Micky asked, lowering his voice.

"It's not that I don't want her to like him…I'm just worried that she doesn't really like him. She's just subconsciously trying to get back at Brian for cheating on her. And she isn't going to hurt Brian, she's going to hurt herself and Peter." Micky thought for a moment.

"So you're saying that Peter caught her on the rebound? And that's why they wouldn't work?" he asked.

"Sort of, yes."

"But how is that different from you and me? I caught you on the rebound, didn't I?" Micky asked worriedly. Angel walked over to where he was sitting on the couch and sat down next to him. She then proceeded to kiss him with more passion than they had shared before.

After a long while, Angel ended the kiss. "That's how." She whispered.