Name: Christina.
Screen Names: MnkeElvr29.
Meaning of screen name: MnkeE -Monkee...but everyone     always uses a 'y' instead of 2 'e's, so I made one of     the 'e's big. lvr- in, lover of monkees, duh. 29-my birthdate and one of my lucky #'s
Nick Names: Nazalia, snot girl, snot, the small one, tina, teeny tiny tina, tina the turtle, CRUSTina, and many many more.
Birthdate: December 29, 1982
Sign: Capricorn.
Where u from: Rhode Island
Height: 5'2". 
Weight: 96 aneroxia comments, please. 
Eye color: Greenish brown.
Hair color: Brown.
Unique Features: My Niki Taylor-esque beauty mark on my     left cheek...I used to hate it, but I don't even notice     it anymore.
Parents names: Patricia & Steven
Brothers/Sisters: Nicholas
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None.
You want kids one day: I'm having 1, if any.
Pets: None right now, my stupid brother is allergic to    everything. >:\
Five words describing you: Depends who you ask. Introvert, smart, shy, musical, little are probably good ones.  Also, bitch. 
Are you a freak: No, not really.
Hobbies: music, writing, reading, online stuff, my page, and tai-bo.
Sports: Tai-Bo, however the hell you spell it.
School: TGHS. Aka, the rich snot school.  I'm a junior.
Occupation: Cashier at the 'Dew
Lace or Silk: Silk, cuz it's nice and soft..yum.
Black or white: Black. White is icky.
Blue or red: 2nd favourite colour.
Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate.
Mariah or Janet: I don't like hoochies.
Future daughter names: Elisabeth April. That's pronounced E-LIS-a-beth, by the way; not E-LIZ-a-beth.
Future son names: Thomas John.
First thought when you woke up this morning: What the HELL kind of a dream was that?!?!?
Nicest thing you've done: I can't pick one specific thing...I'm very nice though, sometimes. I may do some mean things, but I do a lot of nice things that people just aren't aware of.
Cruelest thing you've done: I can be very, um, manipulative, when it comes to guys I like or people hurting my close friends. That's all I'll say about that one.
Enemies: The satanic beast.  Plus, a whole bunch of other people...I'm a very hated woman.  Oh well, their loss.  ;)
Favorite TV shows: The Monkees, That '70s Show, Friends, ER, talk soup, Conan O'Brien, sailor moon, will and grace, seinfeld, and many more.
Favorite channel: Vh1, MTV, NBC.
Favorite Radio station: 92 HO-FM. Ok, it's PRO-FM...
Favorite song(s): Angel of Mine
Favorite group/solo artist(s): The Monkees, the Who, Jewel, Tori Amos, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, and many many more.  It would take days to list all of them.
Favorite season: Spring.
Favorite school subject: Ehhhh...homeroom. Truely, I love English, though.
Mom or Dad? Mum.
West or East: East.
Pretty or Cute? Pretty.
Control/controlled: Control.
What else do you do while online? Belgravia, talk to friends, download stuff, work on my page, read my favourite pages, and write.
Computer Love: I'm not a 13 year old hooch, thanks.
What do you consider a friend to be? Someone I can trust.
What do you consider a enemy to be? Someone that is a two faced the satanic beast, for instance.
Fist-fight or argue: Argue.
Break-ups or Make-ups: Make-ups are much better.
Features you like most about yourself: My eyes.
Features you like on opp. sex: Their eyes.
First thing you do when you wake up: Smack the shit out of my alarm clock.
Ever been heart-broken? Yup.
What scares you more, life or death? Neither.  The only thing that scares me are carnie.  Circus folk.  Small hands, you know...smell like cabbage.   No wait, that's Austin Powers...nevermind.
Favorite Food: Pasta.
Ice cream or cake: Neither...I don't eat that kind of stuff.
Loved or Hated: Gleeb.
Lover or Fighter: Lover.
Dogs or cats: Cats.
Peace or Drama: Peace.
Kill or be killed: No thanks.
Be burned or drown? Drown.
How many screen names have you had? 1.
Which did you like most? Um...
Favorite Quotes: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." -John Lennon"

"Love is the ultimate trip." -Micky Dolenz