View From My Bedroom Window

The sun is high
the grass is green
I think sadly, with a sigh.

The little birds are chirping in a musical way
it's so bright outside,
what a beautiful day!

The leaves on the trees are colored bright green
the wind is warm is warm and breezy,
it's such a pretty scene!

The flowers bloom in the fertile ground
The daisies are pretty,
sun shines all around.

But there's something missing out there,
it's me.
I can't go out, I can only see.

I open my window wider,
put my hand out into the warmth of the sun.
Wish I was out there,
having fun.

I pull my hand back in,
I know that I can't go.
That's why I hate to see this
beautiful view from my bedroom window.


Written on February 3, 1996.