Love thy Neighbor??

How can hate what you don't know?
Why do you allow this hate to grow?
Were you raised in such a way
that you blieve it's wrong to be gay?!?!!?
If this is true, I pity you
for you have what you never knew.

How can you think that you are right,
why do you think you are being so trite?
Who the hell do you think you are?
With those foolish ideas, you won't get far.

If you are truely Christian, you believe you live only one life;
so why would you want to waste it with hate as sharp as a knife?
You think it is 'ungodly' to be gay,
how in the hell can you think this way???

You think you are so great and good,
but you don't love others as 'God' says you should.
Your bigotry makes me sick, you hateful childish fools;
if you think are going to 'heaven', try reading 'God's' book of rules.

I remember reading as a child in that book, 'love thy neighbor', right?
Well if your neighbor is gay would you treat him with spite?
The reason I don't practice Christianity anymore, if you'd like to know,
is because of narrow-minded assholes who allow foolish hate to grow.

Written on July 25, 1998.