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Tears spill from your eyes
love seeps from your heart
in the secret place where no one visits
in that lonely place you keep to yourself

I open the door and you hide your tear-stained face
you don't want me to see your hurt
raw and exposed to anyone with eyes
you don't want to share your pain with me
you shove it under the table, thinking I can't see it
only you didn't realise that the table cloth was transparent to my eyes

You wipe the tears from your red eyes
you try to smile and hide your pain
but you can't hide it from me
no matter how hard you try

your eyes are dry now and your smile is warm
but I can see in your eyes
the pain
the pain you are hiding from me
from everyone
but one day I know that when I look into your eyes
I will not see this pain
I will see love and hapiness
but for now I must see the pain
even though I wish I didn't

Written: February 3, 1999