The Commercialization of Woodstock

I heard about this year's Woodstock last summer, and I thought it was cool.  I had wanted to go to the 25 year anniversary, but I was only 12 at the time and certainly would not have been able to handle myself in that type of atmosphere.  I thought perhaps I'd like to go to this one, until I heard who more about it. 

I found out that none of the original bands were playing, and most of the performers had not even been born when the original Woodstock took place (I'm aware that I wasn't born at the time either, but I didn't plan on performing at Woodstock, so shutup).  That's pathetic.   A lot of the bands that are playing this one are trendy no-talents, which pisses me off even more.  The original Woodstock was completely full of talented bands; it was a festival for all the biggest and the best.  This one is a festival for trendy 20somethings to get drunk and naked listening to shitty music.  If I saw just ONE more girl with her boobs spraypainted, I would have killed someone.  How trendy can you possibly be?!  I'm sure they used bodypaint at the original Woodstock, but spraypaint?!?!   Come on.

I don't consider this a 30 year anniversary of the original festival, because the only thing they share is a name; a name that is fucking trademarked.  I consider it a 5 year anniversary of WoodstockTM '94.  Even that isn't truly fair, since decent bands played at that one, and it was at the original location. The only good bands at this one were Sheryl Crow (who scoffed at the immature boys that demanded she 'show her titties!'), Bush (who did an awesome cover of REM), Jewel (who played during a thunderstorm and kicked serious ass), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea played nekid), Elvis Costello (he covered my favourite Beatles song to play on the guitar), Creed (who I hate, but played 2 Doors' songs with Robbie Kreeger), and Kid Rock (because I find him quite amusing, and he did a cover of CCR's Fortunate Son).  Everyone else sucked, and I know because I watched the whole damn thing on TV, so don't anyone bitch me out because I didn't see it; I probably saw more of it than the people who were actually there.

I truly hope that we won't feel obligated to have another Woodstock anytime soon, unless it includes some of the original performers, or at least people that have talent, like last year's Day In the Garden.   I only saw Pete Townshend's performance, but it was terrific, and he was one of the original performers performing at the original location.  That is what a Woodstock anniversary should be like.