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I'm a pretty smart girl. I get A's in school, and I'm planning on being a psychologist, so I have a pretty good understanding of people. There is a concept that I just can't figure out, though: Hate. I don't want any smartass emailing me with some dictionary definition either...I know damn well what the word means. It's the concept I don't get.

Why on *earth* would someone waste their time, emotions, and energy to hate something? It takes more energy to hate something than to love it. Now I'm not saying I love everything, because that would be bullshit. NO ONE loves everything! There are quite a few things I dislike (insomnia, bigotry, Sunday, etc.), but I don't hate them. I don't hate anything. I think hate is one of the stupidest things in the universe, and I can't understand how you can actually hate something.

Ok, think of this: how many times have you caught yourself saying "I hate him" or "I hate that"?? I know that it slips out of *my* mouth every so often. Now think of what you said you hated. Do you actually *hate* it? chances are you don't...and if you do, then you need to work out your issues.

So, if we don't really hate these things, why do we say this? I'll tell you why--it's because hate is a vicious cycle, and we are caught right in the middle of it. Hate sucks you into its malicious jaws, and rips you apart.

Religions teach people to hate, you know. Stupid people, anyway. Many Christians have consistantly told me that "God" hates gay people. Um, no! That really pisses me off, I even wrote a poem about it. I don't believe in "God", but I know that in the practice of Christianity, He is supposed to love *everyone*. That doesn't exclude gays, African Americans, Latin Americans, or anyone else. He loves them all. So all you idiotic relgious cult members (because organised relgion IS a cult, check your dictionary) who say that can blow me, because you're wrong.