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Mysteries of Life

-How come I am always the one to have to put a new roll of toliet paper in my bathroom? Is there something wrong with the rest of my family? I think they actually *wait* to use the bathroom until I refill it.

-Why is it impossible for a girl to have a male best friend without people constantly accusing them of being a couple? It is the 90's, people...girls can have male friends without dating them!

-How come *I* get blamed for anything that goes wrong with my computer? Sure, I use it the most...but I NEVER have any problems with it. It's when someone else uses it that things go screwy...yet *I* get blamed for it. I also get blamed for the low memory on the computer. I live with a bunch of losers.

-Why can Christians not accept that there are people who do NOT share their beliefs? And those who actually do accept it...why do they think they are superior to non-Christians? Guess what? No religion is superior to another. Even if one religion consists of worshiping a piece of paper, Christianity is still not superior to it. You guys need to get over yourselves.

-Why does no one ever email me about my page? Or sign my guestbook? People sign it maybe 3 times a month. I KNOW there are more people visiting my page than that! Come on people...I NEVER leave a page without signing a guestbook. And if someone signs my book and leaves their URL, I always go to their site and sign their book, just out of common courtesy. And if I really like your site, I'll even link it to mine. So what is with you guys never signing? You even get something out of it, for Pete's sake! And if you email me, I will ALWAYS write back...geez.

-How come the second I sign online, my dad always has to use the phone? Hello dumbass, I just told you I was going online! I always say I am going online, so that someone can use the phone before I sign on. Morons.

-Why does my page take SOOOOO long to load? I don't have THAT many pictures on it! I'm currently trying to fix that problem, btw.

-How come I can read something in any language, and understand what it says, yet no NOTHING about that language? It's really odd...I mean I can't get a literal translation, obviously...but I can always get the general meaning out of it.

-Why do I put my alarm clock on in the morning? I never wake up from it, and I always turn it off automatically...so why bother?

-Why do stores NEVER ever have anything I like in my size? Are you guys prejudiced against small people??? Geez!

More to come!