*Things People Say*

My history teacher

"I want to be a scab when I grow up!"  

"Psychadelic bread!" 

"High, high, high, and high."

"Farms smell."

"Yeah, we'll ship your grain..."

"People want seafood; they want FRESH seafood."

"Someone plays the fiddle, and they dance."

"The transvestites get all the good shoes."

My dad

"I like eggs."

"Pepporoni A-OK!"

My bio teacher

"I want it stone quiet in here!"

"Everyone get in a single file line at the door; boys on one side, girls on the other."

"No fighting!"

"Who wants to stay after today and clean out the cubbyholes?"


"What did you think, your fingers were hot dogs??!?"

"What do you think this is, a supermarket?"

"What the hal!!!"

"That's so gay, you don't even gay."

"Did ever two planes crash together at the same time?"

"You'll get over it."

"It feels like when you hold your breath for a really really really long time, and your face turns red, then
blue, then purple, then you pass out. Then you wake up laughing like you just had an entire can of
laughing gas. That's love baby." (when asked to describe what it feels like to be in love.)

"Have fun in uh, birth."


"Stop singing porno music!!!"

"Look, you can see his intestines!"

"Oh I look at it all the time."

"I'll have a bagal, I mean, muffin."

My math teacher

"It's a pyramid, like that chocolate from Italy...Torrone."

"Cut it out, whoever has that toy."

"Don't make me turn these lights off!"


"I want to live, like an HP."

"Is this the big mean man?"


"My mommy doesn't like you anymore."

"It is way too hot in here..."

"I love Roger Daltrey, who do YOU love???"


"Did you put on your doderant?"

"See ya tomorrow."


"It hurts me right here."

"Me did too!"

"Wo hen ho!!!"

My driver's ed teacher

"Well uh, this particilar incident would be worse."

"I'm thinking I'm gonna throw you on the floor and step on your face!"

"What are you laughing at?!?!"


"Will calculators be provided to us??"

"That's my perogitive."




"You're special."

"I think you have carbon monoxide poisioning."

"Why don't you like me?"

My English Teacher

"What's a homey-g?"

"Then they hit her with a goatskin thong."




"Peace, ho!"