*Simple things that are great*

1.)  The clean feeling you have after you wash off aaaaaall your makeup at night.

2.)  When you get to take off your uncomfortable clothes and put on sweats.

3.)  The feeling of relief after a sob-fest.

4.)  Eating something after you've been practically starving.

5.)  The tired/hungry feeling you get when you take a shower after going swimming.

6.)  Relaxing with a good book and listening to relaxing music on a Sunday night.

7.)  Hearing your favourite song while you're driving.

8.)  Seeing someone you love after spending time apart.

9.)  The sound of certain people's voices on the phone.

10.)  Drinking ice cold water after running.

11.)  Knowing you're loved by someone, even if it's only your goldfish.

12.)  Hearing your favourite song on the radio.

13.)  Getting a really good grade on a hard test/quiz/project.

14.)  The feeling of relief after you've finished a term paper the night before it's due.

15.)  Signing online after you get home from a night out, and talking to all your friends about what happened that night.

16.)  Having a cold can of coke after coming home; so relaxing.

17.)  The way certain songs can bring back memories that bring happy tears to your eyes.

18.)  The few minutes in bed where you're falling aslepp and your concious meest you subconcious.

19.)  When a really cute guy smiles at you.

20.)  When you have an awesome dream, and it just puts you in a good mood.

21.)  When you see that someone signs your guestbook.  ;)

22.)  The melty feeling you get when a certain someone looks into your eyes.

23.)  The way taking a shower can sometimes just wash away pain.