Other than the fact that 15 people were killed, the tradgedy of the Littleton massacre is that students across the country are being stripped of their rights.  We're no longer allowed to wear trenchcoats to school, and some schools are banning coats altogether.  Many bands' t-shirts are being banned, like Marylin Manson and Korn, for example.  Kids who aren't involved in some cliquey sports team are being preyed on and watched.  Kids who are unpopular are being watched.  Students are being reprimanded for any unkind word that comes out of their mouths.  It's ridiculous.   Who the hell is happy all the time?  Did the schools ever consider that people aren't involved in sports and stuff because their peers rejected them from it?  I mean, I tried out for the field hockey team my freshman year in hs, and those cliquey bitches cut me from the team...yet, this really fat ass tub of lard who sucked at the sport and didn't even do any of the drills or running made the team, just because the stupid ho-bags were friends with her brother.  Kids are assholes.  Everything in high school is just one big popularity contest.  Blaming coats and t-shirts for murder is abosultely ridiculous.  I have the right to wear whatever I want to school, as long as it doesn't have swears on it or advertise drugs or alcohol...and you can usually get away with that stuff anyway, if you're an upperclassman.  Just because someone wears a trenchcoat, it doesn't mean they're a member of the trenchcoat mafia...they are actually suspending people for wearing trenchcoats....how retarded!!!!!  If I had one, I would wear it just to piss off the school board.  !*#*$& idiots.  Regardless of who this idiotic country tries to blame for the murders, the killers were people; not trenchcoats, video games, movies, t-shirts, music, or the media.