*Skinny vs Fat*

Why is it not ok for skinny girls to feel fat?   Just because we're skinny doesn't mean we have this incredibly high self-esteem.  

It really bugs me when people get pissed off if I happen to mention that I feel really fat once in a while.  That is my right as a teenage girl, thankyouverymuch. 

Another thing that really gets me pissed is when people ask me if I'm anorexic.  Hello?!?  Do you ask a fat girl if she is a compulisve eater??  I don't think so!  What I really was anorexic?   Geez.  Just because I don't sit around stuffing my face at lucnh, or eating all day long doesn't make me anorexic. 

People also get mad at me because I exercise.   Now that is just retarded.  "You don't need it!" they say...oh really?  Ok then, I'll just sit on my ass all day.  Morons.  I exercise to stay at a comfortable weight and to feel good.  Exercise helps fight off my insomnia, too, which is a very good thing. 

People tend to get really pissed if I say I need to drop a few pounds.  Well if I've been eating a lot and gaining weight, I'm not going to be uncomfortable, I'm gonna lose it, the same as a person of any shape would.  I weight under 100 pounds, and if I get up to anything over 100 pounds, I am uncomfortable.   That's just my shape, and I am doing what every other woman does with her own shape.  So shutup already; I'm skinny, get over it.