*Why Christians Scare the Hell Out of Me*

Christians scare the hell out of me.  I don't mean the average church-going run of the mill folk, I mean the fucking psychoswho go around asking people if they have found Christ and tha tsort of shit.  The other night at work, this women comes over to me, and says hello.  I politely said hello back, and asked her what I could get for her.  She ignores me, and asks if I'm a bliever in Christ.  I said "Nope, sorry...what can I get you?"  But again, this ignorant fool is oblivious to the fact that I'm a work and trying to do a job, and tells me I should be apologising to God or I"ll be damned to hell.  I was so confused...I didn't know whether to tell her off or laugh in her face.  I opted for choice B.  She shakes her head all concerned, "don't you want to go to heaven?" she asks.  I said no.  "You want to go to hell???" she asks disbelieving.  I said "No, I don't believe in that stuff." She tells me it's the "eternal truth."  "It's not my truth." I replied, and walked over to the back counter as she walked out all disappointed that she hadn't converted me.  What an asshole.  Who the fuck converts to Christianity because some freakish woman tells them it's the "eternal truth"???  Not me, that's for damn sure.  Any religion that needs advertisement is not worthy, in my eyes.  i have my own beliefs, and I'md rather feel what I want instead of being told how to feel.  Again, I'm not putting down all Christians; my entire family is Christian, as is my best friend.  I recently went to his confirmation, and his family was very accepting of the fact I wasn't Christian.   they didn't make an issue of it, they just accepted it.  What can't all Christians be like that?