*Morons with Webpages*

When I go online, the first thing I do is check my mail, then I check my message board, then I go to my page.  I check the guestbook and counter.  Then, I visit my favourite sites.  These sites are fine examples of intelligent web pages.  These sites are the opposite of what this ramble is about.

The pages I'm talking about are the cliquey overdesigned pieces of shit that are referred to as domains.  Sure, there are a few good domains...but most just plain suck.  If I want to look at something pretty, I'll go look at a painting or something.  Anyone who has that much time to sit around and design a webpage that they'll change in about two days anyway is simply pathetic.   I'm not worried about offending any snotty little domain owners, either.  You know why?  Because those mentally impaired brats only visit other domains.   How retarded is that??  Very.

These pages lack content completely.  The only content on there is some stupid thing titled 'note' which promises to murder any person who even thinks about stealing their precious notepad designed HTML that took them 72 hours nonstop to design.  Like I said, pathetic. 

I'm sure some angry preteens are going to email me saying I'm jealous or something equally insane.  Guess what?  I'm not.  I have NO desire to be hosted.  There are perfectly good free servers out there that are more than willing to host me, and I don't have to be a part of a childish little clique to join them.  Also, I'm not jealous of the vast "ablilites" of these domain people either...my site has a million times more content, and that's what my site is about; content.  Not being pretty. 

Why do I feel like I'm in junior high all of a sudden...??