Part 1

Janine impatiently glanced at her watch for what seemed like the millionth time. "Where are they already?"

Kit just shrugged. "Who knows? Those two could be anywhere!"

"I wanna go inside already!" Gleeby moaned. The nine members of a group called the Swooning Hippie Chicks (Gleeby, Janine, Kit, Jenna, Christine, Kat, Alison, Mimi, and Lynne) were taking a trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Gleeby was anxious to get inside and see exhibits on the Mamas & Papas. But Mimi and Lynne hadn't arrived yet.

Alison sighed. "If they don't get here in five minutes..."

"We're here!" two voices suddenly rang out.

The group spun around and, sure enough, there were Mimi and Lynne dashing towards them.

"Where in the name of Buddah have you been?" asked Jenna.

"We've been waiting for you for almost twenty minutes!" Christine told them.

"Sorry!" Mimi said, throwing up her hands in defense. "We had to stop and get gas!"

"And something to eat," Lynne said, smirking.

She received seven glares from her fellow swoonies.

"Hey!" she protested. "We were hungry!"

Janine rolled her eyes. She grabbed Mimi and Lynne's wrists and dragged them inside. They used their tickets to get in and looked around in awe at everything around them.

"Wow..." Christine breathed. "You guys think the Monkees will be in the Hall of Fame someday?"

"But of course!" replied Kit, grinning. "Davy's too swoon-worthy not to be!"

"So, where do we go first?" Mimi wondered aloud. "The Mamas & Papas, the Beatles, the Who..."

"The who?" Jenna asked.

"Yeah!" replied Mimi.

Jenna looked confused. "What?"


"The who?"

"What about them?" Mimi replied.

Janine sighed. "You two sound like an Abbott and Costello routine!"

"Let's find the Mamas & Papas stuff!" Gleeby exclaimed.

After the group had wandered around for about an hour, they stopped to take a look at the Beatles' stuff.

As the others "oo"-ed and "ah"-ed over the stuff, Kat looked around. She noticed a door over to the side. She raised her eyebrows. That hadn't been there before...had it? She grabbed Janine's sleeve.

"Hey, Janine, was that door there before?" she asked, motioning towards the door.

"I don't think so..." Janine replied, looking confused.

"Well, let's check out what's behind it!" Mimi said, walking over to the door. Before she turned the knob, she added, "Monkees are notoriously curious, you know."

Everyone grinned at the familiar joke. They each followed Mimi as she opened the door and stepped into what seemed like a large closet. As soon as all the girls were inside, the door slammed and the lights went out, leaving them with nothing but darkness. They all started talking at once.

"What the..."

"What happened?"

"Turn on a light!"

"Find the door!"

"Who turned on the dark?"

Despite being panicked, they all laughed at Lynne's comment, another familiar joke.

There was suddenly a brilliant flash of light. There were scattered screams around the closet as the light disappeared and the darkness surrounded them once again.

"What happened?" Alison asked in a frightened voice.

"I...I don't know," Mimi replied, trying to control her shaking voice.

"Maybe someone just took our picture!" Gleeby cracked, easing up the tension in the room a little.

"We gotta try and find the door..." Kit said, reaching her hands forward, trying to find a doorknob.

There was suddenly a loud THUD!

"What was that?" Jenna hissed.

Gleeby rubbed her forehead. "I ran into the wall!"

Kat sighed. "How are we gonna get out of here?" she asked.

"Keep looking for the door..." Christine mumbled. She felt something sticking out of what she thought was the wall and tried to turn it.

"Ouch! That's my nose!" Lynne shrieked in pain, reaching up quickly and covering her nose.

"Oops! Sorry!" Christine immediately apologized.

Mimi reached forward. Her hand bumped something that felt like a doorknob. She gave her hand a quick rub to get rid of the pain, then turned what she thought was the doorknob. It was.

Light suddenly illuminated the room as Mimi opened the door all the way.

"Light!" Jenna screeched, scrambling out the door into the fresh air. "Air!"

The girls piled out of the closet they had been in and looked around at their surroundings.

"We're outside!" Kat exclaimed.

"That's probably where the door led to," Janine replied, grinning. "I'm smart!, wait. S-M-A-R-T!"

Lynne laughed. Her laughter died suddenly as she looked around. "Um...guys? This doesn't look familiar at all!"

"We must be behind the the building," replied Mimi. It was the only reasonable explanation.

The color drained from Alison's face. "No, we're not."

"How do you know?" the others asked her.

"That sign over says Los Angeles!" she pointed out.

"WHAT? You must be joking!"

But, sure enough, the sign did say Los Angeles, California.

"Hey, all these people are dressed like hippies!" Jenna announced.

"What's wrong with that?" a chorus of voices wondered.

"Nothing," replied Jenna. "But it's just weird being in the ninties and having everyone dressed like a hippie!"

"That's understandable," Gleeby said.

Kat glanced in one of the store windows. Her mouth dropped open as she pointed to it. "You guys..." she began, her voice trailing off.

They all turned and looked. Mimi thought she would faint when she read the sign in the window.

"Buy the Monkees newest album, 'Headquarters,' in stores now!"