Part 11

Christine sat down on the couch, careful to stay away from ant-boy. He was talking to some other unfortunate lady about his ants. She actually looked interested. Christine saw Lynne at the punch bowl, and decided to talk with her.

"I can't believe Peter has punch instead of coolattas!!" Lynne said. She saw Christine. "Meet any interesting people?" she asked her. Christine shook her head. "Me neither. I wonder what the others are doing..."

Peter and Janine....well, they were in a closet. Same with Jenna and David. You pretty much know what that means.

Mimi and Keith Moon were talking. Mimi was swooning like crazy. "Ya know, I really like you." Keith said to Mimi. Mimi blushed. "There may be an extra closet somewhere...."

Alison had caught up with Kit and Davy. "Hey guys, what's up?" she asked.

"Davy is introducing me to all of the people here!" Kit said. "Look! There's Mama Cass! And Denny Doherty! And Jimi Hendrix! And...and...lots more!"

"Wow, groovy!" Alison exclaimed. "Anyone else that we know?"

"Well," Davy said, "The Beatles are supposed to be coming later."

"Oh wow, The Beatles? Great!!!" Alison said.

"This is an awesome party." said Kit, smiling.

"Gleeby, what do you think about becoming a regular on the show?" Micky asked.

"I *gleeb* the idea." Gleeby said, smiling.

"Good." Micky said. "What do the other girls think?"

"They like the idea too." Gleeby said.

"Great. You guys were excellent on the last show."

"You really think so?"


"Thanks." Gleeby blushed.

"Would you like to go out sometime?" Micky asked.

Kat walked around for a while, not finding anything to do. She found Lynne and Christine. They all just sat there on the sofa for a while. Lynne twiddled her thumbs.

"Boy, Lynne, what an exciting time you're having!" Christine said. The girls laughed.

"I hope something exciting happens soon!" Kat said. Alison sat down next to the other three swoonies.

"There sure are a lot of closets in this house." she muttered. The others agreed. Just then, Jenna came and sat by the girls.

"Wow, you're out of the closet!" Lynne said, shocked.

"Yeah, David had to go." Jenna said, frowning. After a pause, she added: "Hey, I'm hungry. Anyone want anything to eat?"

"Sure." the other swoonies said in unison. They giggled. Jenna went to the kitchen to find something to eat. All of a sudden, she ran out.

"Someone started a fire outside in the backyard, and it's spreading!!!!!" she yelled.