Part 14

Mike sat up in his bed and looked at Jenna. "You know I really appreciate you comin' here to see me."

Jenna blushed, "Oh, it's nothing, I would rather be here than anywhere else."

Mike smiled at her and leaned closer, " Can you stay a while?"

Jenna smiled, "I'll stay here as long as you want me too."

Mike swept the hair out of her face and drew her near, Jenna couldn't help herself anymore, but suddenly the door flew open. Mike and Jenna turned their heads quickly. "Phyllis!" Mike exclaimed.

"What do you think you two are doing?!" Phyllis screamed out in anger.

Jenna stood up quickly and fixed herself. "We weren't doing anything!" "Phyllis calm down, it was innocent, nothing happened." Mike pleaded.

Phyllis, understandably upset, hissed angrily at Jenna, "Get out of my house, NOW! And I don't ever want to see you around him again! EVER!"

Jenna gathered her things and ran, crying, out of the house, but before she left, she turned to Phyllis and in the heat of the moment blurted out something she would soon regret. "I'm not the girl you should be worried about, and maybe if you were here for him, he wouldn't have to be with another woman!"

Phyllis lost all color in her face. "What do you mean?"

Jenna still crying in anger said, "Maybe you'll just have to find out." She quickly left the house, and saw David waiting for her. She dried her eyes the best she could before getting to his car.

"Hey! How is Mike feeling?" David asked. Jenna looked right at him and cried out everything that had just happened. David looked at her in shock, only silent for a moment, he asked "What did you two do?"

Jenna looked at him pleadingly, "We didn't do anything, I promise, can we please go to the festival, I have to talk to the swoonies." David nodded yes, and drove off to the concert.

Janine, holding onto Peter's arm, asked him, "So what band is playing next?" Peter looked at her and smiled. "I think Cass and her group are up."

Mimi's ears perked up, "The Mama's and Papa's?!?"

Micky smiled, "That's them."

"Oh my Buddah!!! We have got to get good seats!!!" Lynne exclaimed. Everone quickly made it to the front row and sat down on the soft dirt.

"I can hardly wait!!" Calli giggled.

"Me neither" Christine soon followed. "Yeah, Cass has got one of the best singing voices." Janine looked lovingly into his eyes, "I agree totally."

Alison sushed everyone, "C'mon guys it's starting, I wanna hear it!"

Micky looked at Gleebs and took her hand. "I hope you don't mind this...."

Gleebs looked up at him, "I don't mind at all."

Lynne looked over, "I thought you didn't like PDQ's?"

Gleebs cleared her throat, "Oh uhhh, I mean, I guess it's ok sometimes, only for certian things....."

Christine smiled evily, "Sure, Gleebs, whatever."

The Mama's and Papa's were preforming and everyone was enjoying themselves, until Kat looked over and noticed Jenna and David walking up to them. Kat saw the mascara runs on her face, she stood up.

"Jenna what happened?" The other swoonies turned and looked. Jenna looked at everyone and her face got red from embarressment. "Something happened at Mike's."

Kit put her head on Davy's chest, "I've really had a good time this afternoon Davy, talking to you and spending time with you was so great, but I promised everyone I would go to the festival, and I kinda want to see the bands. I'm sure you do too."

Davy smiled, "Of course I do luv, an' I'm glad I got to spend time with you too. Let's get ready and we'll go." Kit put her shoes on and Davy closed all the windows. "I better start letting the house warm back up, I dunno if I can satnd these cold nights anymore." They both laughed and headed for the festival.

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