Part 16

"Kat! Are you alright?" Kit asked worriedly as Peter helped Kat to her feet, keeping his arm around her waist to make sure she didn't sink to the ground.

Kat took a deep breath. "I think I'll be okay." She hugged Peter's shirt to her chest. "They wanted Peter's shirt, but they can't have it!"

"Well, it's a good thing Janine and Kit saw you and got me," Peter said.

"Definitely!" Janine agreed.

Kat looked up at Peter and smiled. "Thanks, Peter."

Peter grinned back, his dimples carving into his cheeks. "Don't mention it." He glanced at his watch. "Why don't you girls go join the others now? I'm gonna go backstage and...check something." He winked at the three girls as he took off.

"Denny touched my hand, Denny touched my hand, Denny touched my hand!" Lynne exclaimed over and over again in a dazed voice as she, Alison, and Christine walked away from the bandstand in search of the others.

"We're going to be hearing about this forever," Christine mumbled.

"You're right...maybe we should go smack Denny for touching her hand! Now we'll never get her to shut up!" Alison said, grinning.

"I don't think Denny would appreciate us smacking him," Christine replied, but she couldn't help chuckling.

The three girls found Jenna, David, Calli, Davy, Gleeby, and Micky standing around, talking. Mimi and Keith were right beside them, still dancing, even though the music had stopped. Well, Keith was dancing...Mimi was laughing.

"Denny touched my hand!" Lynne jumped into the middle of the circle unexpectedly, causing the others to jump back, surprised.

"Ooh!" Gleeby exclaimed. "Can I touch the hand that Denny touched?" Lynne smiled proudly and held out her right hand. Gleeby shook it, then looked at her hand. "Wow..."

"Who's supposed to be playing next?" asked Jenna.

"No, we're not!" Keith replied as he and Mimi joined the group. "The 'oo's playing tomorrow!"

Jenna raised her eyebrows. "Okay..." she said slowly as the others giggled.

"Hey...isn't that Grace Slick coming onto the stage?" Mimi asked, pointing.

"It is!" Gleeby replied excitedly. "Jefferson Airplane is up now!"

"AHHH!" Janine came running over to them, screaming. She began jumping up and down. "Jefferson Airplane!"

"Down, girl!" Calli said, grinning.

Janine grabbed Mimi's hand. "Come on, we've gotta get right up to the stage!"

Mimi quickly grabbed Keith's hand before Janine could pull them away. Keith reached behind him and grabbed whoever's hand happened to be was Gleeby's, and she grabbed Micky's hand. Janine led the chain over to the stage, then stared as the band began to set up.

Kit looked around at the others who weren't rushing up to the bandstand. Her gaze stopped on Calli, and her mouth dropped open. "Calli! When did you get here?"

Calli gave her a confused look. "Oh! You weren't here when I here, were you?"

"No! I can't believe I didn't realize it was you until right now! How did you get here?" Kit asked curiously.

Calli opened her mouth, then closed it. She gave a little head motion in David and Davy's directions. Kit just looked confused. Jenna got the hint, though.

"David...let's go see what the others are up to," Jenna said, linking her arm in David's and leading him towards the stage.

"Davy?" Christine asked. "Could you go up and ask Micky what time it is?"

"I have a watch on, luv!" Davy replied.

"I know...but I want you to ask Micky anyway," said Christine, turning Davy around and giving him a push towards the others by the stage. Davy just looked confused, but walked over to the others.

"What was that all about?" Kit asked.

"Well, I don't know how I got here, that's why!" replied Calli. "See, I just sort of found myself here...I was in my room, then all of a sudden I was here. Does that make sense?"

"Hmm...sounds a little like what happened to us!" Lynne said.

"What did happen to you guys, anyway?" Calli asked them.

"Well, we..."

"You see, we were..."

"There was this closet, see..."

"Wait, wait! One at a time, please!" Calli shouted, holding up her arms.

The other swoonies looked at each other. "Okay, I'll tell it," Alison finally spoke up.

"Okay," they replied.

Alison explained them going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, finding that closet, the flash of light, and then suddenly finding themselves in a whole other year, and in California, no less! Calli listened with her eyes wide.

"Whoa...this is weird!" she suddenly said. "So, you guys have been here for a while, huh?"

"Yeah..." Christine nodded.

"Shh, Davy's coming back!" Lynne said, putting her finger over her mouth.

"Oh!" Kit said. She tried to change the subject. "Well, actually, I think fruit is really healthy for you, you know? They give you all those vitamins and stuff...oh, hi Davy!"

"'ey girls, it's starting to get late...I think this is the last band for the night..." Davy announced, giving Kit a quick, irresistible smile. "Are you girls going to stay in hotel rooms like me, Micky, Petah, Keith, and David...or wha'?"

"I haven't even thought of that, yet!" Kat said. " you know what the other girls are doing?"

"I think they want to stay 'ere and sleep on the grounds," he replied, shrugging. "It's up to you. We can always meet in the morning."

Lynne glanced around at the other girls and shrugged. "Sounds fine with me. I'll stay here."

"Yeah, I guess we'll do that," replied Kat. The others nodded in agreement.

Janine stood, mesmorized, as Grace finished singing 'White Rabbit.' Gleeby and Mimi were dancing with Micky and Keith (yet again), and they were both trying not to sing along. The song ended, and the group erupted into applause and cheers. The band thanked the audience and quickly left the stage.

"Oh, they're done!" Janine moaned, sinking down to the ground. She took a deep breath and smiled. "Wow!"

The crowd began to leave the grounds, eager to return the next day for more music. Davy, Kit, Christine, Lynne, Alison, and Kat soon found the group by the stage.

"The girls have decided to spend the night 'ere," Davy announced to everyone.

"Oh...all right," Micky replied, shrugging. "We'll meet you here tomorrow, then?"

"Same place," Gleeby replied, nodding.

Peter walked onto the stage, cupped his hands over his mouth, and called, "Davy! Micky! Come on, guys!"

Davy quickly kissed Calli and Kit's cheeks before he hopped up onto the stage. Micky gave Gleeby a peck on the cheek and followed Davy. Peter quickly ran over to the girls.

"Tomorrow," he said, pointing to the Mamas & Papas album Kit was still clutching.

Kit, Janine, and Kat grinned, leaving the other girls confused. David and Keith left soon, and the girls found a place outside the grounds (they weren't allowed to sleep by the stage like they wanted) to sleep. A group of hippies had built a bonfire, so the girls sat around it. It wasn't long before they all fell asleep.

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