Part 18

Gleebs and Mimi were still ecstatic from witnessing the Who's mind-blowing Monterey performance live. They were grinning from ear to ear when Micky called them over. "Gleebs, Mimi", he said, "Can you guys spare a minute?"

Gleebs smiled. "Anything for you, Micky." (And she definitely meant it. :^)

"Groovy, there's someone I'd like you two to meet." The girls looked at each other questioningly, and then back at Micky. He grinned that irresistible grin of his. "You'll see!" And with that, Micky led the two curious swoonies away.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang stood in front of the stage. "I wonder who's going to be up next?" said Allison.

"Well," said Mike, "we can find out. Who wants to come with me?" Jenna was the first to volunteer. (Of course. :^) Christine and Allison volunteered too. Mike smiled at the girls- "Great, three beautiful ladies to escort me!" and they were off to seek an answer to the "burning question". :^)

Davy turned to Lynne and Calli. "Gals, how would you like to grab something to drink?"

Calli swooned. "Well, of course, Davy!" Lynne glanced over at Peter, who looked pretty safe standing with the others, and said, "Okay!" And two more swoonies were off.

Presently, only Peter, Kat, Kit, and Janine were left. The girls were happily chattering, while Peter looked rather distracted. He was looking off to their right.

"Are you all right, Peter?" asked Kat.

"What?" he said. He broke his gaze from whatever he was looking at. "Oh! Yes, definitely!" he exclaimed. "I'll be back!" The girls looked at each other confusedly as Peter trotted off and wondered amongst each other what on Earth he was up to, though they couldn't see where he was going because of the crowd.

Soon, Peter came back, looking very excited. "Kit," he said, the signature twinkles in his eyes and dimples in his cheeks, "you've still got your Mamas and the Papas record with you, right?" Kit nodded, holding it up. The girls knew what was coming and looked at each other, excitedly. Peter grinned even wider. "Well," he said, "it's time!!! I just saw Cass, and she said she'd love to meet you girls! I told her you were special friends of mine." The girls shrieked with joy. "Come on!" Peter said, and started making a path to where Cass was.

Micky stopped and turned around. "Here we are!" he said.

Mimi looked around. "Well?" she said. "Who did you want us to meet?" Micky laughed and led the girls behind a few booths to where a girl with long, wavy brown hair sat with a bunch of long-haired guys. She was wearing a colourful paisley dress and lots and lots of jewelry. The girls gasped. They didn't need any introduction.

"Janis Joplin!" breathed Gleebs and Mimi simultaneously. Janis chuckled at the stunned girls, and they regained their cool.

"Hey", Gleebs said, all cool- like, though her heart was pounding.

"It's really groovy to meet you!" Mimi nodded. Janis smiled and looked at Micky.

"These girls are a gas, Mick! Where'd you come up with them?" He laughed.

"They're just some friends of mine," he said. Mimi glared at him. Just?!

"Really nice girls", Micky continued, winking at Mimi. "They're sweet. I love 'em." The girls swooned over Micky and gazed in awe at Janis, all in all totally enraptured in the moment.

"Guess what?!", Mike said excitedly in his cool Texan drawl. He had found one of the people working for the Festival, and gotten the information. He turned to the girls with a look of delight on his face. "The intermission will be over in a few minutes; the next performer needs to finish getting ready."

"Well?!" Allison asked excitedly. "Yeah!" Christine said. "Who is it?!"

"The Who?" teased Mike. "No, not the Who..."

"Shut up!" Jenna said. Mike chuckled. "Come on, Mike, TELL US!!!"

Mike grinned. "Next up," he announced, "is Jimi Hendrix."

Kit was the first one to spot Cass. "It's her, it's her!" she exclaimed.

Janine screamed. "I don't believe this! Cass is *such* an idol of mine!" Than she regained her composure. "Okay, I'm cool." Everyone laughed as Cass approached Peter, smiling.

"Hey, Big Pete!" she said, smiling that great smile. "Are these the special friends you were talking about?"

Peter grinned. "Yep!" he said. Cass gave Kit, Kat, and Janine each a big hug. They were ecstatic! Cass began to talk to them as if she'd known them for years. This went on for a few minutes, until she noticed the record in Kit's hand.

"Hey, nice." She grinned. Kit looked at Cass shyly.

"Would you... could you...?" Cass got it.

"Sure, got a pen? " Kit brought out a pen and handed it to Cass, who signed Kit's record with a big flourish. "Anything else?" She looked at Kat and Janine and grinned. They frantically went through their bags for something for Cass to sign. Kat brought out a napkin she had gotten from a restaurant (yes, it was clean :^), but Janine didn't find anything.

Peter took a small piece of paper out of his wallet. It had written on it the familiar lyrics: "Can you dig it? Do you know?..." Janine looked at it and smiled, but Peter shrugged.

"I'm thinking of junking it. I can't think of something to finish that bit..." Janine grinned mischieviously.

"How about, "Would you care to let it show?" " Peter laughed.

"Great!" He tore a piece of paper off for Cass to sign for Janine, wrote the rest of the lyric down, and put it back in his wallet. He kissed Janine on the cheek and thanked her, while she promptly swooned.

"Well, I gotta go," Cass said. "It sure was nice to meet you girls!" The girls agreed, and after final hugs, departed.

Davy, Calli and Lynne were the first ones to reach the stage. They sat around sipping their lemonades (they didn't have any coolattas, much to Lynne's dismay) and waiting for the others. Calli was majorly swooning over Davy while conversing with him, and Lynne was happily thinking of the short convo she had had with David Crosby of the Byrds after she had accidentally bumped into him. Soon, the rest of the crowd walked up, and everyone excitedly began telling their stories. The girls grinned at each other. They were having the best time ever!!! It was so gretel.

Soon a communications guy got up on the stage. "Folks," he announced, "the next act will be up shortly! Mr. Jimi Hendrix, straight from England!" There wasn't as much applause as Jimi would get in future years; he was a new kid on the block after all.

Mike was excited. "This should be great! I heard he was really swell." Everyone stood around waiting.

Suddenly, Gleebs gasped. "Mimi, Janine!" she cried.

"What?" they asked.

"Look!" she pointed. Standing just a few feet from them was Grace Slick, Marty Balin, and Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane! The girls screamed, and Janine nearly fainted. "Janine, cool it!" Gleebs said. "Lets go!" She told Micky they'd be back by the time Jimi was up, and they headed over.

"Hey..." Gleebs said to Grace, kinda dazed.

Grace looked at the girls questioningly and smiled. "Well, hi," she said. Then Marty and Paul looked over and smiled. The girls introduced themselves, all admitting they were great fans of the Airplane. Grace smiled and thanked the girls. "Hey, nice buttons!" she said to them. The girls laughed; they were wearing their "Jefferson Airplane Loves You" buttons. They talked with Grace, Paul and Marty a few moments, until the announcement came that Jimi was coming on. The girls reluctantly walked back to everyone else, shrieking quietly.

"We just met Paul! And Marty! And GRACE!!!" Janine was kooking out. So were Gleebs and Mimi. Everyone agreed that this was the most grelel fun they had ever had! Then they all turned their attention to the stage. It was time for Hendrix.

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