Part 19

"… And then I handed her the album to sign!" Kit excitedly told a few Swoonies as they waited for the next performance to start. "I don't have the album with me. I put it back in the car - I wouldn't want anything to happen to it. Oooh! I'm so happy! I just can't believe -"

But Kit's sure-to-be-long-and-rambling sentence was cut short. The loud scream of a guitar echoed through the immense speakers surrounding the stage. Kit, who had been leaning right next to one of the larger speakers was propelled backward about a foot. Regaining her balance, she found her way back to where all the Swoonies where seated, and plopped herself down. The crowd was silent and all eyes were glued to the stage as Jimi Hendrix began his mesmerizing performance. As the music flowed from Jimi's fingers, he seemed to become one with his guitar. The rest of his band followed the groove, giving the audience a breathtaking performance.

A little more than halfway through the Hendrix set, Gleeby glanced over at Micky, who had a permanent look of utter amazement plastered on his face. Then, she glanced over at Peter, whose reaction was a little different than Micky's. Although it appeared as though he was enjoying the performance, Peter looked a bit perplexed.

With much loud music and an amazing display of guitar work by Jimi, the crowd was soon whipped into a frenzy of excitement. At the peak of his performance the audience witnessed Jimi lighting his guitar on fire and then smashing it on the stage.

"Wow! That was too groovy!" Micky exclaimed after the performance ended.

"Whooooooooooaaaaaaaaw-roog-a-later, it was loud right by the speaker…" Alison commented, in a daze.

"They keep using that exclamation… I've got to find some way to use that…" Mike muttered to himself upon hearing the expression again.

"But wasn't that just the grooviest?" Micky gushed again about Jimi's performance. "Wouldn't he be the most outasite opening act for our tour?" he asked, turning to Davy.

"Ya know, I don't really 'ave an opinion righ' now," Davy concluded.

"I didn't get it," Peter flatly stated.

"I didn't really, either," Kat agreed.

"I thought it was ultra-groovy…" Jenna added.

"I've got to tell the producers that we need him as an opening act!" Micky decided.

The festival lasted a few more hours and during that time the Swoonies chatted with the Monkees, tried to find favorite performers, and collected last minute autographs.

Then, finally, the festival ended.

"I can't believe it's over," Lynne sadly sighed, directing her comment quietly to her fellow Swoonies.

"Yes, but we did get to come to it," Janine smiled.

"That's true," echoed Mimi.

"It was the experience of a lifetime," Kat acknowledged. "But now, for some reason, I feel such a huge letdown."

"I feel it, too," agreed Calli. "With the festival over, does that mean we're headed back home… to the pad?"

Calli's statement elicited a melancholy chorus of sighs throughout the SHC group.

Trying to change the subject, Jenna remarked, "I've gathered the most amazing collection of autographs! Can you believe I actually met Janis and Jimi? And look! Here's a piece of Jimi's guitar!"

The Swoonies half-heartedly marveled over Jenna's souvenirs and displayed their own momentos as well. They all agreed how lucky they were to have actually experienced so historic a musical experience.

The usually torkative group had grown especially silent. Everyone climbed into their respective cars and started the journey back, caravan style, with Peter's car in the lead. Peter seemed to be taking the back roads, and as he rounded the curve of an particularly winding road, the caravan was treated to a spectacular sunset. He pulled off the side of the road with the other cars following him. Everyone piled out of the cars, and stood nearby to take in the glorious view. Peter, who had been silent since leaving the festival, quietly spoke up.

"I've got a proposition to make, girls. It's about our upcoming tour. I've discussed it with the guys already. We're leaving for Paris in six days to start filming an episode and then we'll be gone nearly three months on tour, as you know."

"We'll miss you so much! I hate goodbyes," Christine sighed.

"Well, i' doesn' 'ave to be a goodbye, is wha' Petah is tryin' ta say," Davy explained.

"That's right," said Mike.

"We could use some extra hands on the road, you know. Like with costume changes, sound checks, stages cues and that kind of stuff," Micky added.

"Costume changes?" Kit's eyes lit up, with a hint of naughtiness.

"Yeah, luv," Davy replied, smiling back at her.

"Would you be interested in giving us a hand, girls?" Mike asked, with a big grin on his face.

"Do we need to think this over?" Lynne excitedly asked the Swoonies.

"I move that we jump in head first and take the jobs" Gleeby asserted.

"I second the motion!" shouted Janine.

"Then I third the motion," Mimi smiled.

All of the other Swoonies nodded in agreement.

"Then it's settled!" exclaimed Peter, whisking away the melancholy that had enveloped the group.

The Swoonies all grinned, yet swooned at the same time, with thoughts of *adventures* yet to come.

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