Part 20

Back at Peter's house, the swoonies were sitting around, quietly talking.

"That festival was such the experience of a lifetime!" Gleeby said while the four Monkees were in another room.

"Yeah, especially since we're not technically even born yet!" Mimi said quietly. "We shouldn't even be here."

"Well, let's enjoy it while it lasts," Kit said cheerily. "Someday we'll have to go back, but who says we can't have fun now?"

"Where do you have to go back to?" Micky asked, coming in and sitting down between Mimi and Gleeby.

"Um…Chicago," Alison said, while at the same time Christine said "Miami" and Lynne said "Sapulpa."

"Sapulpa?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, it's in Oklahoma. It's this little tiny town, right near Tulsa…" and she went on and on explaining it.

"Well which one is it?" Peter asked. "To me, it seems like you're just hiding something from us."

"No, we're not hiding anything," Kat said calmly. "You see, we're a bunch of friends from all over the place who went on a trip and ended up here," she said, being as truthful as possible without giving them details.

"Well, you can go back after the tour, okay?" Mike said. " "We'd love some company. And I'm sure whoever's back home won't mind. Now come on, it's getting late. Where do you want us to drop you off for the night?"

The swoonies all looked at each other. Where would they stay for yet another night? Janine had already gotten them kicked out of all the local parks.

"We don't really have anywhere to stay…" Lynne said finally.

"Well, if you'd like, the ten of you could share rooms upstairs," Peter volunteered.

"Really?" Janine asked unbelievingly. "You're not worried we'd…do something?"

"No, it's fine with me. But, we're recording some new tracks tomorrow, so we have to be up early. Wanna come?" Peter asked.

"Sure!" the swoonies all exclaimed excitedly.

So, they all went upstairs and picked out rooms--Mimi, Gleeby, Janine, Calli, and Lynne in one room; Alison, Christine, Jenna, Kit, and Kat in the other. The rooms were very spacious and comfy looking.

In the first room, four of the swoonies sat around and talked of the upcoming events, while Lynne just layed on her bed, looking lost. Gleeby noticed this and came over to her.

"What's the matter?" she asked, sitting down.

Lynne half-smiled at her friend, but it wasn't very convincing. "Nothing, really. It's just that…I miss Matt, you know? I don't know why. I mean, here I am, in the 60's, staying in Peter Tork's house, with all you guys, and I'm sad cause Matt's not here. What kind of weirdo am I?" she laughed at that statement. Soon everyone went to sleep.

Meanwhile, in the other room, the other 5 swoonies were getting ready for a surprise.

"Okay, everybody ready?" Kit asked, and the others nodded. They quietly sneaked out of their room and down the hall to Peter's room.

"You know," Alison said, "maybe we shouldn't do this."

The others were surprised at her. "Why not?" Kat asked.

"Well, you know, that article…the one about his dreams. And that one sentence?" Alison reminded them.

Christine swooned when she thought of it. "I think we should go ahead." She said when she recovered.

Quietly, Jenna opened the door and let everyone in. "Ready?" she whispered. Everyone nodded their heads. "Okay. One…two…three!" With that, she turned on the lights and everyone blew into their kazoos. Abruptly, Peter woke up and sat up, screaming in Russian. Finally, he switched to English.

"What the heck are you doing?! This is a private room! I never gave any of you permission to come in here, ever! Wherever did you get such an idea? I command you to get out of my house at once! And you can forget about going to Paris or on the tour, believe me! You better start walking back to your homes right now!" Peter was very mad now, and he was yelling very loud. The 5 swoonies skedadled out of there very quickly and haeded to the nearest park that would let them in. The other 5, of course, were still sound asleep and had no clue what was going on (amazingly).

The next morning, 4 of the remaining 5 swoonies woke up and joined Peter for breakfast.

"Where's everyone else?" Janine asked.

"Oh, them. They, uh, snuck into my room last night a-and work me up so I threw them out." Peter said. "Not very civilized of me, but they had no right. And they're not going on the tour," he added. "Where's Lynne?"

"You know, you don't stutter much, but when you do, it's still not as lovely as Roger's." Gleeby said.

"Gleeby!" Mimi said, surprised, but still giggling.

"It's true. I'm sure even Lynne would agree. Oh, she's still sleeping. She had a rough night. She's a little homesick."

"A little?" Mimi said, still laughing. "That's putting it a little mildly."

"Yeah, I guess. But she'll probably meet us at the studio later." Gleeby said.

"So, should we leave now?" Peter asked, and they all got up and left.

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