Part 21

Kit, Kat, Jenna, Christine, and Alison sat glumly on a street corner. It was early in the morning, and the swoonies (who were all very tired from lack of sleep-they didn't have enough money for a hotel room and the sidewalk was NOT comfortable) were all feeling down.

"I can't believe Peter would throw us out on the street!" Jenna complained.

"I know," Kat agreed, "it seems so unlike him." The others nodded their heads in unison.

"What are we going to do now?" Christine asked solomly.

"I don't know," Kit sighed, "but I do know that we're hungry, tired...and all out of money."

"Well," Alison cut in, trying to lighted the subject, "I'm sure the other swoonies will help us out." The five girls agreed.

*At the studio*

As Mike was tuning his guitar and Micky was pounding away at the drums, Davy and the five remaining swoonies talked.

"It's not at all like Petah to throw five wonderful girls out for playing a harmless trick."

"Yeah," Janine said sadly, "not at all like the Peter I love."

"He's been acting like an entirely different person lately!" Gleeby exclaimed. Mimi nodded.

"He seems nervous now...or something." she said.

"Unlike the usually calm, cool, wonderfully adorable, loving Peter that he normally is." Lynne added.

"Speaking of Petah," Davy said, "where is he?" The swoonies didn't know, and neither did Mike or Micky.

As the three Monkees went off searching for Peter, Calli said: "I'm really worried about the other five of us. I wonder where they are..."

*Outside the studio*

Kit, Kat, Jenna, Alison, and Christine, remembering that The Monkees would be in the studio, tried to get in (the studio). There was a problem, though: the security guard. So far, they had tried begging, pleading, charming, and distracting him in order to get by, but all in vain. Alison was just about to suggest resorting to violence when Jenna saw Mike, who was still searching for Peter.

"Mike!!" Jenna called, waving her arms. Mike smiled and trotted over.

"Charlie," Mike said to the guard, "it's okay to let these girls in." Charlie backed away, allowing the swoonies to get by, but gave them dirty looks.

"Can I still beat him up?" Alison asked.

"Shh! He'll hear you!" Christine whispered, gently hitting Alison on the arm.

"I'm really sorry you guys were kicked out like that last night." Mike said.

"It wasn't at all like Peter!" Kat said, a maxim that had been overused in the last few hours. Soon, Mike and the girls were in the recording room, and the reunited swoonies hugged.

"Are you guys okay?" Lynne asked, concerned.

"Yeah, we're fine...a lot better now!" Kit said grinning.

"But tired." Jenna added with a yawn. Just then, Micky and Davy returned with Peter.

"He was hiding in a broom closet.." Micky said, as confused as the rest of them.

"Pete," Mike began, but Peter cut him off.

"No time for recording!" Peter practically shouted. "We must leave for Paris at once!!!"

*In a limo*

Eight of the swoonies, Micky, Mike, and Davy were jammed into one limo. Peter had insisted on getting to the airport two hours early, and Janine was at Peter's house, still packing for the tour. Everyone decided Mimi should wait for her and the two would catch up with the rest of the party at the airport.

"Hurry up!" Mimi called to Janine from downstairs. "Do you want to miss the tour?"

"I just need one more thing!" Janine shouted down. She opened up a closet door to get her jacket, and...there was Peter, tied up! "MIMI!!!" she cried.

Mimi ran upstairs. After they got over the initial shock, they untied Peter. He tried to explain everything.

"My double, Ivan, who lives in Druvania, tied me up and put me here. He has a bad temper and he's the one that threw half of you girls out! I'd never even think of doing something like that! He needs to get to Paris-it's really close to Druvania-because he wants to elope with the famous ballarina Natasha Pablova in his own country. But he stole my plane ticket and is going as on the tour as me-we've got to stop him!" Peter stopped and took a deep breath. He said the last paragraph all in one breath. Janine helped him to the car out side, and Mimi called the others at the airport. Gleeby answered the phone.


"Hi, Gleeby?! Don't ask questions!" Mimi cried from the other end. "Just don't let Ivan...I mean, Peter...get on the plane! We'll be right down!" Gleeby heard the click of the reciever.

"What was that all about?" Calli asked. Gleeby shrugged, took Peter's (or should I say Ivan's) ticket from him and they all waited for Mimi and Janine to get there and tell them what was going on.

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