Part 22

Mimi, Janine and Peter raced to the airport as soon as they could. "We only have 30 minutes! We have to hurry, the plane will be boarding soon!" Mimi yelled out in a panic.

The three of them ran to the gate. Lynne looked over at them. "Hey Janine, Mimi, and........Peter?" she said with much confusion in her voice, but she wasn't nessicerily dissappointed. Everyone took a double take as the threesome made their way to the group.

Several of the swoonies almost flipped at the sight of two Peter's but the image was quickly disrupted as Ivan grabbed one of the girls.

"Everyone stand back or the girlie gets it!" Ivan yelled as he snatched Alison from the rest.

Alison screamed and reached out for the other swoonies, but Ivan made it very clear someone would get hurt if any sudden moves were made. Peter yelled at the top his lungs and ran directly for him and pounced. "Let her go!"

"Make me!" Ivan grunted as he hit the floor, releasing Alison. Alison ran over to Calli in tears. Mike, Micky, and Davy soon followed it in the beating of the evil Peter.

The fight went on for a little while longer until the airport security guards came and broke things up. The rushed onto the scene and broke it up.

Jenna whispered to the other swoonies, "I never thought I'd be happy to see the fuzz." Kat hugged Alison as the cops came over to them ask them questions. Christine looked at her watch, "OH MY GOODNEZ! THE PLANE!"

Gleebs handed Peter his ticket that Ivan had, "Here you go, you need this."

Peter sighed in relief, "Thanks."

Gleebs looked down at her watch and grabbed Micky's arm, "We don't have much time, we need to go!"

Kit respectivly took her seat next to Davy on the plane, "Woo, we made it just in time." she said with a realived sigh. Davy grinned and looked at the seat next to him with Calli in it.

"Two lovely girls next to me for the next 14 hours, I can definetly handle this." Calli and Kit got a little giddy at the thought of being that close to him for that long.

Calli, who was already giggling by now, said " this is gonna be great! I can hardly wait, The City of Lights, with the ones you love! How wonderful!"

The plane started to lift off and made it's way up in the sky, "Wow, whata trip this is gonna be. I just wish Keith coulda made it with us." Mimi sighed.

Alison rubbed her shoulder, it's ok, "Maybe we'll see him there, you know how musicians pop up all over Europe." Mimi sighed and looked out of the window.

Janine was next to Peter and Christine and they all were trying to calm down after what just happened. Peter spoke up to brake the silence, " Hey you guys, I'm really sorry for all the trouble my brother Ivan caused, I had no idea he'd ever pull anything like this, and to drag Alison in and throw you guys out was just too much, he's my brother, but I hope they lock him up for a long time."

Christine hugged Peter, "It's not your fault, and you helped out by stopping him, everything will be ok, let's just think of this trip, we are going to Paris!"

Kat and Lynne sat behind Gleebs and Micky. Lynne started to giggle as she pointed out Micky and Gleebs to Kat. "And she's the one who hates public displays of affection, you'd never know from how dangerously close she is to Mick."

Kat laughed as Gleebs turned around and stuck her tongue out, "If you don't like it don't look." Kat and Lynne just busted out laughing that their fellow swoonie was making such a remark.

Jenna was in the middle of Mike and David. This was a very uncomfortable situation, David knew what had *gone on* at Mike's house that afternoon, and he wasn't exactly happy about it. Jenna quietly spoke out, "I'm really glad you made it to the plane David, I was wondering if you were gonna come or not." she smiled in hopes that he would stop looking at Mike like he had done something wrong.

Mike looked over at him and smiled too, "Yeah, Man, it wouldn't have been the same without you." David gritted his teeth and mumbled under his breath, " Yeah I wouldn't be in the middle of you two." Jenna in hopes to avoid all of this just politely fell asleep on David's shoulder.

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