Part 24

The flight from L.A. to England was an interesting one, with the majority of the swoonies in complete gleeb. In the first row of seats Kit, Davy, and Calli were quite involved in a conversation that seemed (to them anyway) of great importance. One behind them Alison had blocked herself out from the rest of the world, and was grooving to the tunes coming from her headphones. While Jamie starred pensively out the window, her thoughts still on Keith. In the next row, Janine sat looking through a travel guide of Europe, while Christine had drifted off to sleep. Peter busied himself taking pictures of everything. From the sky and clouds outside the windows, to the seats and doors-and even the carpet-in the airplane!

"I'm going to make a scrapbook of our entire trip!" He said as he advanced the film in his camera.

Meanwhile, in the back of the plane things were a little less exciting.

"How long will we being staying in England? " Kat asked Lynne. "Lynne? Didn't you hea'...oh...oops." She replied as she turned to look at Lynne.

"What's the matter?" Michael asked from the seat behind Kat.

"Oh, nothing. She just fell asleep is all." Kat sighed, then grinned mischievously. Leaning forward a bit, she peered through the small space between the two seats in front of her. She promptly sank back into her chair, rolling her eyes. Michael tapped her on the shoulder.

"Are they still at it?" He questioned, referring to Gleeby and Micky.

"Of course!" She exclaimed, almost laughing. He nodded, and began shuffling his deck of cards.

"Know how to play Hearts?"

"No." She said as she stood, and sidled past Lynne who was sprawled out across two of the seats. "But I know someone who does. Come on." She motioned for Michael to follow, as she walked to the front of the plane. He squeezed past David, who was enveloped in a book he was reading, and Jenna, who was still sleeping on David's shoulder. They stopped at an empty chair, and Kat told him to sit, and wait there.

"See that nut over there with the camera? He'll come over when he's finished popping around taking pictures." She smiled, and walked over to Janine, and Christine's row of seats.

"Janine? Could you ask Christine if she minds switching seats with me, please? I'm surrounded by people either sleeping, reading, or smooching back there." Kat pleaded.

Janine shook Christine gently, "Chris...go back and sit with Lynne. Okay, luv?"

Christine sat up, groggily, "Huh, what's wrong?" "Nothing. You're all right." Janine assured her.

"You can go back to sleep. Just find Lynne, She's out like a light, the two of you can keep each other company." Kat added.

Christine stumbled to her feet, "Thank you, your majesty. It was a pleasure meeting you." Then she shuffled her way to the back of the plane, and plopped down next to Lynne.

Janine called after her, "We aren't in England yet, dear!"

Michael quietly played solitaire until Peter ran out of film, then the two of them began to play Hearts together.

After a while, everyone became very bored. They all had eaten lunch, and for dessert they were served a small cherry pie. (they were all sitting fairly close together at this point) Micky sat looking at his with a bemused expression for a minute, then gave Davy a sheepish grin.

Davy looked from the pie to Micky's face and slowly said, "You swine-you would do that."

Whereupon Micky did just *that*. He dipped his fingers into his cherry pie, and leaned over and "painted" Davy's face with some of it. Not being one to ever miss a cue, Davy very calmly dipped *his* fingers into *his* pie...and the battle began! Soon, it was pie in the sky for everyone. Peter joined in next, and the swoonies were swift to follow. It was sheer honest-to-goodness madness for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally, they all ran out of pie and laughter, and ended up sinking into their seats to wipe away the damage with their napkins.

When they deplaned at the London airport, they were all delighted at the thought of being in England!! At last!!

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