Part 26

"What are we going to do?" Mimi asked, starting to worry. "Do any of you even know the name of the hotel?" Kit thought for a moment.

"Holiday Inn?" Lynne asked. Calli just rolled her eyes.

"Guys, we need to find someone to help us." Kit finally said.

"You're right, Calli's ankle could be seriously hurt for all we know. We can't have her walking around the streets of London." Lynne said. Mimi nodded.

"Hey, let's go ask that guy over there…he doesn't look to threatening." Calli said, eyeing a curly haired man sitting on a bench. Mimi's eyes bugged out of her head.

"Do you guys know who that is?!?!?!" she asked, barely able to control her shrieking.

"I get the first shower!" Janine called out, running up the stairs of the hotel towards her room.

"No, I do!" Kat said, pushing past her.

"One of you can shower in our room," Gleeby said, "since there are only three of us."

"Ok, thanks!" Kat said. Christine stopped dead in her tracks.

"Three of us??! When we checked in there were five of us!" she exclaimed.

"Psychedelic bread, you're right!" Gleeby shouted.

"Oh merciful heavens, where are Kit, Calli, Lynne, and Mimi?!" Alison said frantically.

"They were right behind us, I thought!" Jenna worried.

"What are we going to do?" Asked Kat. "Should we call the police?"

"Not yet." Gleeby said, picking up the phone. She made a quick phone call to Micky's hotel room, and hung up. "The guys will be down here in a few minutes, and we'll decide what to do."

Mimi was so awestruck by the man's presence, she couldn't approach him, and there was only one thing to do: shoot fingers. Kit won, and she took a deep breath while deciding what to say. Finally she walked over and greeted him.

"Good evening sir," she began. The curly haired man looked up at her and smiled.

"No one's ever called me sir." He said laughing a little. "Call me Jim."

"Ok, Jim," Kit said. "Sorry to bother you, but my friends and I seem to have gotten separated from the group we were with, and one of us is injured. We were wondering if you help us out."

"Sure baby," he said grinning. "What do you need?"

"We need someone to find our hotel with us. We don't exactly remember where it is…"

"We're American." Lynne shouted from where she was watching the whole scene.

"So is he, silly!" Calli whispered.

"Well how am I supposed to know that from here?" Lynne whispered back.

The five swoonies and four Monkees congregated in the hotel's lobby, planing on what action to take.

"I think we should split up." Mike said. "We can cover more ground that way."

"But what if we get lost?" Inquired Jenna.

"She's right, none of us are particularly familiar with England." Janine said. "Except for Davy, of course."

"Well let's take a vote," Gleeby said, "if you think we should split up, raise your hands." She counted six hands, and sighed loudly. "I meant raise one hand."

"Well you said hands!" Christine protested, causing Kat to giggle.

"That settles it," Peter said "we'll go together."

"But what if they come back here and can't find us?" Alison asked.

"That's true…I know! Kat and I will stay here." Peter said, smiling at Kat. "We'll find some way to amuse ourselves well you guys are out looking for the gals." He grinned at Kat, causing her to blush, and for Gleeby to giggle eeeevily for no particular reason.

And with that, the other three Monkees and five swoonies were on their way.

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