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Part 29

Outside the George V hotel, Peter, Michael, and a bellboy collected everyone's luggage from the taxi. Inside, Davy and Micky torked with the concierge, while David Pearl signed the guest book. And the swoonies sat in big, over stuffed chairs, in the hotel's lobby. Rather enchanted by their surroundings.

"This is all, very exciting!" Christine beamed.

"I know, it's so beautiful here. This is more like a private estate than a hotel." Alison added.

Mimi turned to the swoonies, "When do you suppose we're going to..."

"Telegram for Monsieur Nesmith. Telegram for Monsieur Nesmith." A passing messenger called out in a thick French accent.

"Do you mean, Michael Nesmith?" Kat asked as she stood.

"Oui, Mademoiselle. Do you know him?" He inquired.

"Well, yes. I'm here with him." Kat looked back at her friends, "We all are actually."

"Then you could tell me where to find him, no?" The messenger smiled.

"He's out front, collecting our luggage." She explained.

Janine hopped up behind Kat, "Hi! Uhm, you know, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you gave that to us....to hold for him." She replied, with a big smile.

"Of course," the man said, bowing ever so slightly as he handed the envelope to the girls. Then clicking his heals together, he turned and walked away swiftly.

"Hhmmmm...."Janine sighed, as she and Kat returned to their seats, and examined the envelope.

"What's the return address?" Gleeby asked.

"It doesn't say. Just Michael Nesmith, and the name of the hotel." Janine responded.

Lynne slipped through an ottoman, and the coffee table, "If we hold it up to the light, I'll bet we can make out who it's from." She predicted, as she took hold of the telegram.

"Ah-HA!" Peter exclaimed, sneaking up behind the girls, startling them all. "You know what they say about curiosity." With that he snatched the envelope from Lynne's grasp, and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"That it's notorious among Monkees?" Kit simpered.

Peter chuckled, "No, that it killed the..."

"Don't say it!" Kat pleaded.

Michael turned the corner for one of two adjoining suites the swoonies were sharing. All the rooms were furnished with precious antiques, and there were bowls of fresh-cut flowers everywhere. With an armful of suitcases he sauntered through the open door, and plopped a mound of luggage on the couch.

"I'm not sure what belongs to who, you girls will just have to sort it out." "No prob, Bob!" Janine said, kneeling to pick up her back pack.

"We'll head down to the cafe in a bit. So, do whatever it is you chicks do to get gussied up, and meet us in the hall in fifteen minutes." Mike announced just before leaving.

Calli, Alison, Lynne, Christine, and Jenna grabbed their bags and hurried through the connecting door into their rooms.

Kat started quickly combing through her hair, while Janine searched through her bag for peach lip gloss.

"I'm so....hungry," Mimi hobbled around the room trying, with much difficulty, to pull her shoes on, "I haven't had...a thing to...eat...since those," she yanked with all her might, and they slipped over her feet, "Fajitas last night! Phew...finally."

"I'm exhausted, I didn't get much sleep on the flight over." Gleeby yawned, as she unpacked her things.

Kit glanced at her watch, "Fifty-eight, fifty-nine, aaand times up!" She grinned, and flung the door open, "Come on, I can hear them all down the hall."

After a quick breakfast, at a cafe around the corner from the George V, the swoonies and their five fellahs began walking down the sidewalk. David Pearl and Jenna were strolling arm in arm ahead of Gleeby, Janine, and Mimi who were listening to Micky and Mike argue the importance of including chili for a balanced diet. Christine and Alison both wore identical looks of jealousy while Calli and Lynne recounted their experience of meeting Jim Morrison.

"I never did like French food." Davy grimaced, as he rubbed his stomach.

"I really dig the bread though, the French bake the most wonderful bread." Peter said, eyeing a bakery they were passing.

"Oh! There's the Flea Market." Kit exclaimed, she and Kat had been keeping up the rear.

Everyone turned around to look at Kit with confusion.

David Pearl spoke up, "Paris' famous Flea Market - where you can buy all kinds of secondhand junk to precious works of art."

"Exactly!" Kit replied, "I say we check it out."

"And I agree!" Came the response of all present.

"Okay, then we all meet around one o'clock. In front of the Eiffel Tower." Mike asserted, taking charge. "Hey, hold up there shotgun." Michael called after Micky, who was making a beeline for a cart filled to the brim with all sorts of gadgets.

"You know you sounded like an advertisement." Jenna jokingly told David Pearl as the two walked off together.

Alison, Lynne, Christine, and Calli headed over to a rack displaying dozens of candles, while Janine, Mimi, and Gleeby tried on vintage cloths in a musty smelling shop.

"I'd like a look in there. Come along, if you'd like." Davy said, leading Kit, Kat, and Peter into a rather large building filled with a little of everything. They broke off into pairs, and wandered around searching for something of interest. Davy and Kit found a groovy hand-woven rug, that cost a small fortune, which Davy said he couldn't afford. But he ended up buying it anyway, along with a military coat, and an old black top hat.

In a far corner Peter and Kat discovered a counter set aside for musical instruments. They faced each other, eyes light up, then rushed over to examine their 'pot of gold.' After much contemplation, Peter decided he'd like a violin. Kat helped him choose a nice secondhand instrument, and tuned it for him. Peter and Kat were walking to the store's entrance, when Peter discovered he'd forgotten to give Michael his telegram.

"I hope this wasn't anything important." He sighed, a little worried.

"Any idea who it's from?" Kat questioned.

"Yes, Bert and Bob, and you never know with those two. This could be as trivial as their inquiring Michael's sock color, or it could be something of real significance." He folded the envelope carefully and placed it in his pocket again, "It'll just have to wait until one o'clock." He looked at Kat and shrugged.