Part 3

The girls got directions to the television studio and began walking , careful to follow the directions exactly, as not to get lost. Fortunately, it wasn't too long of a walk; only about twenty minutes. It did, however, give them time to discuss things.

"Okay", Christine began, "the first thing we have to think about is where we're going to stay while we're going to be here. How much money does everyone have?" The girls counted their money.

"Five dollars." "Ten dollars and thirty three cents." "Seven fifty-nine." "Twenty." "Six o-three." "Seventeen twenty-five." "Three dollars, nineteen cents." "Thirteen fifty five." "Seventy five cents and a straw." That was Lynne. Everyone looked at her. "Fruit coolattas", she said sheepishly. Everyone rolled their eyes while Christine added up all the money.

"Okay, guys, we have eighty-three dollars and sixty-nine cents. I don't know what the difference is between the worth of money in the nineties and the worth of money now, but I suppose we could get a cheap hotel room for one night, until we get paid, which will hopefully be soon. If not... "

"We can sleep in the park under the stars with the hippies!!!" chimed in Gleeby. Everyone grinned.

"Well, I suppose that could be our last resort..." said Mimi. "Or... hmm...." she continued, thinking. She was interrupted by Kat.

"A brilliant idea!!!" She cried. "What, what?" everyone shrieked. "That's what we need, a brilliant idea!" Kat grinned. The girls chuckled at the familiar joke, but were soon quieted by their own thoughts of what was to happen to them.

"Another thing we need to think about", said Jenna, "is our clothes. Admit it, we don't exactly look like we belong here. They're going to wonder what on Earth we're wearing."

"We're all wearing love beads!!!" Kit protested, proudly showing off her blue- and-white Davy-inspired ones. "But yeah", she continued, "that's not enough." The girls walked silently a few moments until Alison had an idea.

"Well", she said, "we don't exactly have all that much money-certainly not to spend on clothes, anyway- and we're wearing pretty casual clothes... we could tell them we're starving artists! That covers a lot of questions that might be asked, and I'm sure we could get away with it- especially *certain* people..." she said, eying Janine. She grinned. "Hey, I *like* my old jeans! And Grace Slick wore hoods, so there!" She stuck her tongue out at Alison jokingly. "Hey speaking of Grace Slick, you think we could..."

"No, Janine", everyone said in unison.

"Aww. Shucks."

The girls chuckled and continued on their walk with a lot on their minds. They soon reached the television studios.

"Hey, this is really gretel!" cried Mimi. "We're in TV land!!"

"That's funny", said Lynne. "It doesn't look like a vast wasteland..." Everyone laughed as they walked through the studio, gazing around in awe. Soon they came upon a very familiar set- the Pad! The girls shrieked with glee. They were afraid to touch anything, lest the magic of it all disappear. Finally Christine spoke.

"Okay, guys, now we need to find someone... Bert, Bob, somebody... so we don't get arrested for trespassing or something. And remember- starving artists." Immediately the others sucked in their stomachs and began doubling over and acting waiflike. "Oh, languish, languish..." they moaned. Christine rolled her eyes. "Come on, let's go."

They began walking around the studio, eyes open for Bob or Bert. They didn't see anyone, so they went outside to the open outdoors area in between lots. There were actually people out there. The girls started over to where a few people who looked like crew members stood. But Lynne saw someone else.

"Janine, Gleeby, Kit, come 'ere..." she said, calling the girls closest to her. "Look." She pointed to a guy sitting on a bench in the shade with his back towards them. He was cross legged and his head was bowed- he seemed to be reading a book. He was wearing a paisley shirt. "Maybe he can help us. He looks groovy." The girls walked over in his direction.

"Mister? Hey, mister!?" Lynne called. He didn't look up. The girls looked at each other. "Let me try", Janine said. "HEY, DUDE!!!" she screamed. The guy started and hopped to his feet, putting the book down on the bench. He turned around. "Hey", he said, and smiled- a very familiar smile to the girls. Very familiar. "Sorry", he continued, "I was really engrossed. " He indicated the book, and the girls looked at the cover. The I Ching. He stepped towards them, out of the shadows. Janine and Lynne slowly opened their mouths. Gleeby and Kit knew what was coming. They both inconspicuously kicked one of the two girls before they could scream. The "dude" was Peter Tork!

Lynne and Janine regained their composure. "Hello..." they all said, slowly, unbelievingly. By then, the others had noticed they were gone and had found them. When they were about halfway there, they realised who Gleeby, Janine, Kit and Lynne were talking to, and gaped open mouthed. They quickened their steps.

"Hey, a harem!" Peter chuckled. "Are you gals here for the part in "Everywhere A Sheik, Sheik"?" Everyone just looked at each other in awe, then back at Peter, nodding.

"Groovy", he said, smiling. The girls had major internal mental kookouts at that. *The* smile!!! "I'm Peter", he continued. As if he needed an introduction! The girls just dumbfoundedly nodded again. Finally, Mimi spoke up.

"Could you show us to where we're supposed to go? This is our first time around here." Peter cheerily complied, and beckoned for the girls to follow him. They did, very willingly. They silently whispered to each other, marveling, while Peter led them to a trailer. He quickly knocked on the door and opened it, ushering them inside. The girls gasped. Inside sat not only Bob and Bert, but the other three Monkees! They were all sitting at a table drinking coffee and going over what looked like scripts. "Hey, chicks!" Micky cried out. "Where'd you get 'em, Pete?" He grinned in Gleeby and Mimi's direction. They were staring at him fondly. Peter explained, and the girls introduced themselves to everyone else. When Gleeby introduced herself, Micky laughed. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "That's groovy! How'd you get a name like that?" But Gleeby was awe-struck.

"Um... the name... it runs in the family!!!" Alison replied hastily, off the top of her head. Micky chuckled and smiled at Gleeby, who was still in a deep state of swoon. Bob and Bert motioned for them to sit, and they did-except Kit. She was hypnotized, eyes fixed right on those of Davy's. She had the telltale stars in her eyes. "Kit!" Jenna (who had just gotten over the marvel that was Michael) hissed, and pulled her to a seat. Kit grinned at Davy, who grinned back, and sat down. The girls all looked at each other ecstatically. This was it. They had made it.