Part 2

“So, you’re ‘ere for the part of the ‘arem girls, right?” Davy asked in his lucious voice, double-checking.

“Yep, that’s right. Although we wouldn’t mind doing anything else around here....” Kit said, hinting around.

“KIT!” the other 8 swoonies cried out. They couldn’t believe it..... wait, they could. It was just like her to say something like that.

“What? I’m just speaking my mind. If they, you know, need help with anything else, any other parts, or anything....” her voice trailed off because Davy had gotten up to get some more coffee, and his back (or should I say something else) was turned to them, and Kit was in a deep state of swoon.

“Well,” Bert said, “We don’t need you until this afternoon, why don’t you come back at 1:30?” He smiled sweetly at the 9 girls, but none of them seemed to notice the smile.

“Oh, yeah, okay, we’ll come back then,” Gleebs said. “One other thing, what time is it now?” Her watch had been set for the central time zone, and it might have gotten mixed up in the time change.

“It’s 10:00 right now,” he answered, wondering why she couldn’t tell just by looking at her own watch.

The girls left the room and closed the door behind them, but they stayed around long enough to hear Micky say, “Hey, those are some pretty groovy chicks. Maybe they could get a permanent part on the show?”

“Did you hear that? Micky thought we were groovy! How about that!” Mimi said, finally getting over her swoons.

“Yeah, that’s wonderful! I wonder why Peter was so quiet.....” Janine said, as always her mind on Peter.

“Okay, we have 3 and a half hours to look around and get a place to stay and the likes,” Lynne said. “First I want to hit all the hippie stores. They don’t have enough decent ones back home.”

“Well first we have to get a place to stay, that’s number one on priorities,” Jenna said.

“I disagree,” Kit opposed.

“What’s number one, then?” they all asked.

“Stalking Davy!”

“No, Kit, we can’t do that. That might endanger our parts on the show, and we might never be allowed on the set ever again, and then everything would be ruined,” Jenna said. “So it looks like I was right, number one is getting a place to stay.”

“I say we sleep in the park,” Gleebs said. “That way, we have more money to buy hippie stuff. How about we take a vote?”

“Okay.” everyone agreed.

“Okay, everyone for sleeping under the stars with the hippies raise their hands.”

12 hands went up. Gleebs counted them. “Twelve hands? What is this?”

“Well, you said to raise your hands, not just one hand,” Kat said rationally.

“Okay, well six people want to sleep under the stars. I guess the rest of you can get somewhere to stay....” Lynne’s voice suddenly trailed off.

“What now, Lynne?” Mimi asked.

“There’s a wicked hot guy coming this way! and you’ll never believe who he looks like!” she said excitedly.

Everyone looked to where she was staring. It figured she was out guy scoping, but she never got this excited.

“Where?” “I don’t see anyone.” “Who does he look like?” Everyone was asking questions and getting no answers, Lynne was still in a deep state of shock. Finally she recovered.

“He went behind that tree over there.” There was only one tree in the area. This was Los Angeles, after all. “That’s why you don’t see him anymore. Honestly, who else would I go ga-ga over besides someone who looked like Adam? I wonder if he knows how to make fruit coolattas..... I’m craving one sooooo bad right now!”

Everyone sighed exasperately. Of course Lynne would find someone who looked like Adam. Or if she didn’t, she’d at least think someone looked like him and say they did. This was one of those times.

“Lynne, you’re halucianating again,” Mimi said. “There’s nobody here who looks like Adam. He’s back in 1998 in New England.”

“Not true. He went to California to see some car race.”

“Still, that’s not him. Now let’s go.”

They eventually dragged Lynne away from that spot, and they were on their way to go shopping.

“Can we stop at like, a grocery store or something?” Lynne asked.

“What for? You ate before we got here,” Kat said.

“Yeah, I don’t want to eat though. I really really want a fruit coolatta, and I know how to make them, and if we got the ingredients I could make them for everyone,” Lynne said sheepishly.

“No,” Christine said. “You might blow our budget. Let’s just look around and in some shops and then find a nice park to stay in.”

“Okay,” everyone agreed. They wandered around the little square, looking in windows at all the whippy clothes and assortments.

“Hey guys, let’s go find that record store. Or another one, since it takes twenty minutes to walk there. I want to get some Monkee records for my collection,” Jenna said.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” “Let’s go.” There were varied responses, and off they went.