Part 5

The girls shopped around for hippie things for an hour and a half. By the time they were done, they were all pretty tired. They started to look for a blace to spend the night.

"Hey!" Mimi suddenly shouted.

"What?" the others asked.

"Over there!" Mimi said, pointing to a nice park across the street.

"Yeah, that'd be the perfect place to sleep tonight!" Christine said.

excitedly. All nine of the girls walked over to the park. It was wonderful. There were flowers everywhere, and a small, beautiful pond with ducks. It had benches, and wasn't too crowded.

Jenna looked at her watch. It read 1:15. "Hey guys?" Jenna said.

"Yeah?" Kit asked, speaking for the group.

"It's time to go back to the studio. It's 1:15." Jenna replied. Everyone cheered.

"To the Batcave!" Janine cried. The others gave her strange looks. "Sorry," she said, smiling.

As they walked back to the studio, they showed each other the things they bought.

"I love those tye-dyed shirts, Kit!" Gleeby exclaimed.

"Yeah, me too!" Kit said.

"I bought the Headquarters album." Alison said proudly.

"Groovy!" Kat said. "What did you buy, Lynne?"

"Nothing..." Lynne said sheepishly.

"Oh no!" Christine groaned. "More coolattas?"

"I couldn't help myself." said Lynne, grinning.

"No more coolattas! You might blow our budget!" Christine said. Lynne frowned. The girls giggled, and walked on. They soon reached the studio.

"Well, here we are!" said Jenna. They walked inside. Micky walked up to the girls.

"Hi!" he said. "You chicks should probably get changed. The costumes are over there, and that room," he said, pointing, "is for hair and make-up." "Great!" said Mimi. "Let's go pick out our costumes." The others followed Mimi. Except for Gleeby, who was pulled over by Micky.

"It's been puzzling me all day." he said. "What does your name mean?"

Gleeby grinned. "Gleeb means love." she said.

"Hmm, love..." Micky said. "I like that. I like that a lot! Thanks!" He walked away, smiling to himself. Gleebly joined the others.

Peter and Davy walked up to the girls as they were picking out their costumes. "Where are you girls staying tonight?" Peter asked. Janine, Christine, Lynne, Alison and Kat swooned.

"We're going to sleep in the park." Mimi said.

"Oh. Well, if you need a better place to stay, you can always come to us." Davy said, smiling. Kat swooned. Davy and Peter went onto the set.

Soon, all of the girls had finished changing and getting their hair and make-up done, and they walked out onto the set. All of them-except Lynne.

Gleeby sighed. "I'll look for her." Five minutes later, she found Lynne in a closet with..............a coolatta. Gleeby giggled.

"I'm sorry!" Lynne cried. "They're just so good!!"

"It's okay." Gleeby said. "Come on, it's time to film the episode."