Part 6

"When are they going to need us for the filming?" asked an impatient Lynne.

"In about five minutes..." Mimi answered.

"Good. Because this costume is starting to itch..." Lynne complained.

"This is so exciting!!" Kat exclaimed as she thumbed through her copy of the script. "We get to be in an eppy! This is so intensly gret3l!"

That was when they heard a knock at their dressing room door.

"Yes?" Christine asked.

"You're needed on the set!" a voice called out.

"Thanks!" the girls replied as one.

The Swoonies hurried out to the set.

"So the scene we're doing now is the one with the 'Secretary of Defense' stuff in it!" Gleeby told us as she took a last look at the script.

"And we're supposed to be over there languishing," Janine added.

"We're ready to start filming!" a cameraman yelled.

The nine girls took their places on the set, each postitioning themselves near their favorite Monkee.

"Lights... camera... Action!!"

"Micky... Ah think I'm gunna make you secretary of defense. Don't worry Petah, ah've got somethin' really good for ya!" Davy recited.

"I'll be sure to keep it mended!" answered Micky.


"The fence,"

Jenna began to laugh. Her laughter filled the room. Between giggles she got out, "Are... we... still.... filming...?"

"Yes," Alison answered, now also starting to laugh.

"I think we need to start this scene over," Mike sighed.

"Good idea," Peter smiled at the Swoonies.

"Micky.... Ah think I'm gunna make you secretary of defense. Don't worry, Petah..." Davy began.

"But he never looked worried in the first place! Oh, oops...." Christine interjected. She had been watching Peter very closely and had no doubt noticed.

"Do we have to..." started Kit.

"Try it again....?" Gleeby finished.

"Looks like it," Micky said.

"Oh, languish, languish...." Janine sighed.

"Tall cell, dim lit! Oh, this cell is so dimly lit!" Alison quoted.

"Alright. Micky... Ah think I'm gunna make ya secretary -"

But Davy was cut off. Kit had practically pounced on him and the two were passionately entangled in a lip lock.

"Ummm..... Kit?" Mimi nudged.

"That was not in the script!" Kat jokingly scolded.

"What? Huh?" Kit asked, momentarily breaking away from Davy's hungry lips.

"It's just that... ummm....." Lynne tried to tell Kit.

Kit looked at them as though she didn't understand. "Hey! Just a minute!" Bob interrupted, coming onto the set.

"Yeah?" Kit asked.

"Just a thought. But maybe you shouldn't be so aggressive toward Davy in this scene..."

"Why?" Kit asked, still confused.

"Oh, brother....." Jenna sighed.

"Well, I'm not one for sticking to the the script, but if you and Davy were doing that, it might not go over well. I mean, his *fiancee*, Collette, is right over there. She's not going to be too pleased with you," Bob smiled.

"So you're asking me to...?" Kit gasped.

"....Just leave Davy alone in this scene," he politely answered.

"Keeping Kit away from Davy? hu-HU!" Gleeby laughed.

"Hey! That's really good! Do that again!" Bob exclaimed, turning from Kit to Gleeby.

"You mean the laugh? hu-HU!" Gleeby repeated.

"Wow! You know, that laugh is just perfect. We could use you in something later..." Bob trailed off as he wrote Gleeby's name down on his clipboard.

"Does that mean they could use you as the hu-Hu girl?" Janine whispered, quite excited.

"It would be such a groove if that happened!" Lynne squealed. Gleeby glowed with delight.

"Alright, let's start filming this scene again!"

"Uh... Micky! Micky!! Ah think ah'm gunna make ya secretary of defense. Don' worry Petah!" Davy recited for the fourth time.

"I'll certainly keep it mended!"


"The fence." Micky answered.

The rest of the scene flowed smoothly and was not interrupted by any of the Swoonies.

"I still cannot believe you did that!" Alison kooked at Kit on a quick break from filming.

"Drastic times call for drastic measures!" Kit responded, sinking back in her chair.

"It could have been worse!" Mimi reminded the others.

"That's true! I know!" Christine giggled.

"Hey! We're back on, soon. Where's Lynne?" Janine asked.

"Probably in the closet with another fruit coolatta," Jenna casually replied.

"I'm the one who's always in the closet!" Janine teased.

"hu-HU!" Kit threw in.

"Oh and speaking of hu-HU, that's great how you've been discovered as the hu-HU lady, isn't it Gleeby? Gleeby?" Mimi asked.

"She's gone!" all seven cried.

"Is she running off with coolattas, too?" cried a horrified Christine.

"I don't think she would be. She's never expressed an extreme desire to have one...." reasoned Alison.

"She couldn't just disappear!" Janine insisted.

"Eternal kookfest!"

"Supreme kookout!"

"What will we do?"

"Should we look for them?" Kat asked.

"I think so," Jenna answered for the others.

The Swoonies split up and began searching around the set for their buddies. After looking in all the nearby closets, and finding no remains of coolattas and certainly no Lynne they decided that she was most likely with Gleeby, either looking over the script or talking to the Monkees. They started to look in the Monkees' dressing rooms or out-of-the-way places near the set.

"Gleeby?" Mimi asked hesitantly as she knocked on Micky's dressing room door.

"Am I supposed to be on stage?" she heard Gleeby's voice call from within.

The door opened and Gleeby and Micky emerged.

"Was I gone that long? Micky only wanted to talk to me for a minute. About my name..." she replied.

"Yes, I understand it a little better and I even gleeb it!" Micky informed Mimi.

The two Swoonies giggled.

"Are we supposed to be on stage now?" Gleeby again asked.

"We have a couple of minutes. May I sit down? I was practically in a panic looking for you and Lynne who's also disappeared...."

"There you are!!! We thought you succumbed to the Giant All-consuming Orange-Mango Coolatta!" Janine kooked as she, Christine, Alison and Kat caught sight of Lynne.

"Sorry, I was just looking around and I found Peter. Guess what? He can make a great coolatta! It was the best one I ever had!"

"Really?" Kat asked, gazing incredulously.

"Better than the ones Adam makes?" Christine asked.


Alison gasped.

"Have you found them, yet?" Kit asked Jenna as she approached her.

"Nope. But I did find Mike!" Jenna smiled, proudly displaying Mike who was standing next to her.

"And Davy thought he'd help us look, too," Kit smiled.

"Of course!" Davy grinned.

"Ah wonder where they got to..." Mike drawled.

"Oh my gosh!! I just heard someone say 'coolatta'! They must be over there!" Jenna exclaimed.

They hurried over to where "coolatta" had come from and sure enough found Lynne, Kat, Alison, Janine, Christine and Peter, all deeply immersed in a coolatta conversation.

"We were kooking our brains out worrying about you!" Kit jokingly kooked.

"Sorry.... But Peter makes the best coolattas!" Lynne explained.

"Better than Adam's, she tells us!" Alison added.

"But where are Mimi and Gleeby? Perhaps with Micky?" Kat asked.

"We're here!" Gleeby answered, as the three walked up toward the others.

"Someone came to tell us we're on now!" Mimi told everyone.

"Really? All of us?" Christine questioned.

"We're filming the romp. Last filming of the day. But the nine of you still have to come back tomorrow for a few more scenes," Micky put in.

"That's no problem what-so-ever..." Kit sighed, staring at Davy, who returned her loving gaze.

"Well, we need to get on the set!" Jenna exclaimed.

The Swoonies and the Monkees hurried over to the set to begin filming the romp.

"I can't believe we've already finished a day of filming!" Lynne sighed as the Swoonies walked toward the door.

"But that was soooo groovy!!" Kat smiled.

"Who will believe us when we say we actually were in a Monkees eppy?" Alison asked.

"Plenty of people here will believe us, but who back home will?" Gleeby said.

"What if we don't get home?" Mimi wondered.

"I could live with this," Christine responded.

"Me too!" Jenna added.

"Remember when Kat said we might have a purpose here. Was this what we were supposed to do or not....?" Janine pondered.

"Oh poonjab! Your saying 'said' just reminded me of something I need to ask! Be right back!" Kit kooked and dashed off.

"Laughing out loud! She makes it sound as if we were still online!" Lynne joked.

"Where is she going? Not to go see Davy again....?" Alison aked.

"Oh no. This might not turn out well at all. She's already screwed up once today regarding Davy," Mimi worried.

"We're dead meat!! Not literally, of course!" Christine smiled.

"Someone has to make sure she doesn't do something she shouldn't! Someone's got to follow her!" Jenna decided.

"I'll go!" Kat answered and ran off in the direction she saw Kit disappear.

She found Kit and Davy standing outside of Davy's dressing room, in the middle of a conversation.

"You said exactly, 'Well, if you need a better place to stay, you can always come to us.' I was wondering if the offer was still open...?" Kit implored, smiling and looking longingly into Davy's eyes.

"Kit!!!" Kat shouted, dashing over and pulling Kit away from Davy.

"Uhh.... See ya tomorrow!" Kit called to Davy as Kat brought her back to the other Swoonies.

"He didn't mean that!! I can't believe you!" Kat told Kit.

"Neither can I!" Kit giggled.

"Anyway, we've decided that we're going to stay in the park with the hippies. We've left word with Peter where we'll be. It will work out better for all of us," Janine reasoned.

"OK!! Sorry. It will not happen again..." Kit reassured her fellow Swoonies.

The other eight sighed with relief.

"," she finished. "Just kidding!!! Just kidding!!!"

"Let's get something to eat and then get to the park. I'm tired," Gleeby sighed.

The nine Swoonies exited the building and began to walk in the direction of the park.