Part 7

It had become night when the girls got to the park.

"Wow, the guys were really nice" Janine said sighing. "They were really nice when Kit and Jenna kept ruining the scene," Lynne laughed in retort.

"I can't help it if they are extremely funny, I laugh easy. And I didn't jump on Mike like someone did to Davy." Jenna said in defense.

"But" Kit pleaded "Davy looked so good, and he was really just asking for it, it had to be done."

"Ok, that's enough" Christine damanded, "We don't need to fight, just control the hormones."

"Easier said than done" all the girls chorused. "Well, tomorrow is going to be a long wonderful day, let's get some sleep and talk this over in the morning" a yawning Alison said half asleep.

Some of the girls slept, but most just waited for morning to come, it just couldn't be there quick enough. Gleebs looked at her watch, almost in a panic.

"Everyone get up!!! I don't wanna be late, Micky is waiting for us!"

Mimi glared at her and said, "We have time, just calm down there shotgun."

Jenna jumped up, "Shotgun?!?! I gotta see Mike now!!!!" So all the girls got up, and headed down to the television studio.

When the girls got there, Kat opened the doors, "Looks like we got here just in time, I think everyone is here." Janine saw Peter, "Well, atleast everyone important."

Gleebs walked in, and found Bob. "Do you need us yet?" she asked hoping.

Bob looked to make sure they were all there, "Yeah, go ahead and get dressed and get your hair and make-up done." He smiled as he walked of whispering to himself, "We gotta have these girls here more often."

MImi noticed the sad look on Jenna's face, "What's wrong?" she asked worried.

"Well, your guys, they aren't married with kids ya know? Atleast you guys get to flirt, all I get is the cold shoulder from the guy I think the world about." Jenna sighed as she walked off to get ready.

Mimi thought about what she said, and met up with the others. Kit looked at Mimi, "Is something wrong?"

Mimi looked at her, "Well, kinda, Jenna is bummed because Mike is married."

"Oh Buddah, I forgot all about that." Kit said putting her hand on her head. "Well, I know he will still be nice to her."

Lynne walked up to them, "Sorry to interupt, but we are needed on the set, it's time we walk out and they pick the "wife" they want." (she said the last part with a little twinkle in her eye.)

After the filming had stopped, and gone surprisingly smooth, the girls decided to hang around the set. Kat and Alison decided to start looking for Peter, Lynne and Janine quickly followed the plan. "Maybe Peter can make us some more coolattas, I've been dying for one all day!" Lynne cried.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll make some more for us" Kat replied reassuringly.

Alison pointed in utter delight "There he is!" all the girls made a bee-line in his direction, where they saw him with Micky and Gleebs, Christine, and Mimi.

Mimi looked around, "Where's Kit and Jenna?"

"Oh, they are probably with Davy and Mike, don't worry." Janine said staring at Peter.

Sure enough they were with Davy and Mike, and Kit was having the time of her life flirting with Davy. And Mike and Jenna were sitting there just staring at them make goo-goo eyes at each other. Mike started laughing, "Davy's got him a new little girl to fool around with."

"And she couldn't be happier about it" Jenna said smiling at the luck of her fellow swoonie.

In the middle of Mike and Jenna's conversation, David Pearl walked up, "Mike, Bert needs you."

Mike got up, "Oh, ok, I'll talk to you later, ok?" Jenna sighed as he walked off, but noticed David hanging around.

"Hi, I'm David" he said sitting down next to her. Jenna was starting to feel better already.

Lynne sipped on her coolatta, as she said, "Hey guys this is our last day working here."

"Oh no, she's right" Gleebs glanced at Micky, with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Micky looked at Peter, then at the girls, and said, " I don't think it is, Bert and Bob really like you, and so do we."

Peter butted in, "We would really love to have all of you on again."

All the girls could barely containt their excitement. Janine screamed, "You mean it?!?!"

Peter lovingly looked her way, "Yeah, if you guys want."

"Gosharonie yes!" Mimi yelled in delight.

Micky smiled at the remark, "Then it's settled, you guys are coming back."