Part 8

The girls, quite pleased with Micky's last remark, waved goodbye as he, and Peter walked off in the direction Michael had just left. Bert, and Bob were calling all of the fellahs together. For publicity pictures, or something. The girls couldn't tell. They were on their way to the dressing rooms when they heard....

"Davy, would you please come on!!" Michael shouted from the other set. Davy ran past the girls, waved quickly, and then disapeared behind a certain. A few moments later, Kit walked over grinning.

"I'm not even going to ask." Gleeby said, and the girls all laughed.

"I was only helping him rehearse. Completely innocent, I assure you!" Kit protested, trying to hide her grin.

"Yeah, sure Kit, we believe you!" Mimi teased, winking at the other girls.

"Well that's my story, and I'm sticking with it." Kit grinned, then lead the way to the dressing rooms.

They all followed, changed, and just as they were leaving Bob ran over, stopping them. "Girls wait a minute, I think you're forgetting something!" He handed each of them a check for one hundred dollars, winked, and added, "We'll be calling you again, you're just great! All of you!"

As he walked off, the girls exchanged wide eyed looks. "I am going shopping, man!" Christine exclaimed.

"Look out strip, here I come!" Alison said excitedly

"Oh, I'm coming with you guys!" Lynne said "There's a good place to get coolattas off the strip!"

"We'll meet the rest of you, at the park, around 6:00. Is that ok?" Christine asked.

"Yeah sure, I'm going to check out record stores, does anyone want to join me?" Mimi asked

"Oh yes, I do!" Kit said.

"I'm there, I wanted to look for a Mamma's and Pappa's album anyway." added Gleeby.

"See all of you later!" Kit said, as she Mimi and Gleebs walked down the street. And Lynne, Christine, and Alison, headed for the shops.

"Uhm" Jenna said rather sheepishly. "Would the two of you mind if I, sorta took off? I wanted to talk with David, he's waiting for me by the studio gates "

"Oh, ok that's groovy!" Janine remarked, smiling.

"Yeah, have fun!" Kat added

. "Thanks, guys!" Jenna said, as she ran around the corner.

"Well what would you like to do?" Janine asked.

"I saw an ice cream parlor down the street, and have been dying for a sundae!" Kat said, as they walked towards the parlor. When they got there, the girls headed straight for the counter and leaned over looking through the glass at the different flavors.

Then from behind, they felt a tap on their sholders. And a voice saying, "Are the two of you following me?" They spun around, both shouting in unison when they realized who this person was.


He jumped back a bit, "Oh geez, you scared the living day lights out of me."

"We scared you? hu-HU!" Janine said.

Kat was trying to calm down, "That was sly Peter!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't intend to scare you." He said smiling. "But I did want to ask if you had any plans for tonight?" Janine, and Kat, turned to look at each other, in absolute shock!

"The nine of you left before we had the chance to ask you about getting together."