Part 9

Kat and Janine fought back the urge to start giggling like school girls, and kept their cool.

"Plans for tonight? Well not anything important…" Kat said slyly. Peter smiled.

"That's great…I'm having a party at my place tonight, around eightish."

"We'll be there." Janine said happily, grinning at Peter.

"Great, this should be fun." He said, smiling. He wrote something down on paper, and handed it to Janine. "Here's directions to my house," he said "and here's my phone number, in case you get lost or something."

"Us, get lost? hu-HU!" Kat replied.

Mimi, Kit, and Gleeby were browsing around the record store contently. Suddenly, Mimi screamed.

"Ahhhh! A Who record I don't have!" she said excitedly. "Look at that picture of Keith Moon on the sleeve…doesn't he look swoonworthy?"

"Yeah sure Mimi…" Kit said, not paying much attention…she had found Davy's pre Monkees album, 'David Jones' (aka, David Jones Sings ) and was swooning over the pics of Davy on the sleeve. Gleeby was grumbling, as usual.

"Stupid store…they don't have Huff Puff! I can't believe they sold the last copy right before we got here." She complained. Suddenly she felt two hands go over her eyes from behind her, and heard a purposely over dramatic voice.

"Guess who??" She could hear Mimi giggling, and she figured Kit was still swooning over the pics of Davy. Of course, she immediately knew who's hands were over her eyes.

"George Michael Dolenz." She said smugly. He took his hands off her eyes.

"Hey, how'd you know?" he asked, but all Gleeby could do was giggle with Mimi. "I saw you girls through the store window, and thought I would come in and say hi." He said. "So what records are ya buyin'?" Kit was still in a deep state of swoon, and couldn't answer. "Is she always this way?" he asked Mimi.

"Only if Davy is involved." She joked.

"Davy?? Where?!?!" Kit asked, suddenly emerging from her Kit-tonic state. They all laughed.

"I'm right 'ere luv!" said a voice, that could only belong to one person-Davy. He had just entered the store, and walked over to Kit, putting his arm around her. Gleeby groaned…she did NOT want to be around for this one, she hated PDA's. From the looks of it, so did Mimi and Micky.

"Let's split." Mimi said, going to the counter to pay for her record. Micky and Gleeby followed her, and Kit and Davy stayed behind just staring into each other's star filled eyes.

At 6:15, everyone was back at the park…everyone except for Jenna, that is. Christine was not happy about this, though she had been a few minutes late herself (coolatas for Lynne, of course). Suddenly, Jenna walked over to them, hand in hand with David Pearl.

"Sorry I'm late." She said.

"You should be!" Alison replied. "We have somewhere to go tonight, you know."

"I know, David told me." She said with a smile, putting her head on David's shoulder.

"Ok, I'm outta here…" Gleeby said, starting to feel nauseous. She'd seen enough PDA's in one day to last her a lifetime. Lynne grabbed her arm.

"Get back here Gleebs, he's leaving now anyway." Lynne said. Gleeby breathed a sigh of relief, and rejoined the group.

"Ok, so we're going to Peter's for a party tonight, right?" Christine asked. The other eight swoonies nodded in unison.

"Around eightish." Janine sighed, remembering her talk with Peter.

"So we should get changed, right?" Kat asked. They all nodded. "Just one question…where are we gonna do that? We can't very well get changed here in the park!"

"Good question." Kit replied. She of course, wanted to look her best for the party…Davy would be there, after all.

"Hey, I know!" Alison said. They waited for her to give her idea. "I saw this abandoned house today, when I was on my way to the strip…we could just go in there! I remember how to get there too." Lynne nodded.

"Yeah me too…let's go!" she said.

The girls walked the short distance to the house, and were there in a few minutes. Christine knocked on the door 'just in case'. No one answered. They opened the door, and walked into the house. There were sheets thrown over furniture, making it look a little frightening.

"Eeek!! Jenna squealed. "A spider web! Ewwww!!!" Kat swiped at it, making it dissapear.

"Is that better?" she asked. Jenna nodded, her eyes wide-she hated spiders.

The girls quickly got changed into their various new hippie clothes.

"We all look pretty gret3l, if I do say so myself." Gleeby said. They all nodded, and admired their whippy clothing.

"Ok, let's get outta here," Janine said "this place is a little creepy." The other swoonies all agreed, and headed for the door. Suddenly they heard a voice on a megaphone coming from outside: "We know you're in there kids, so come out with your hands up!" Gleeby looked out the window.

"It's the 5-O!" she exclaimed. The others gasped, and looked at each other in shock…what was going on here??