Seen Through A Window

Sometimes I like to look out my window at night. I sit on the wooden bench beside it and look out at the night sky.

When I close my eyes, I can see a dark sky with beautiful, bright, shimmery stars. They twinkle and glow against the backdrop of the midnight sky. Together, the stars for constellations; I can see them too.

I can also see the moon. It is full tonight, and it is lighting up the whole sky. I can even see the craters on its glowing surface.

Then I open my eyes. I look out of my dusty window, but there is nothing to see. The city lights make the night sky orange. I do not see any of the constellations, although I can make out a few faint stars.

I can see the moon though. Even through the orange haze the moon shines brightly, but it as not as bright as I imagined. I cannot see the craters, but I know that they are there.

Whenever I close my eyes, I remember the way things used to be. I always took for granted that I could see the stars whenever I wanted; but they are gone from sight. I know I will not always be able to see the moon, and that is why I look out my window at night.

Written: September 5, 1997; as a writing sample for English class

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