Triumphant was the way she felt...

The young girl took a deep breath as she sang the opening notes of the off-Broadway musical she was starring in. She was very nervous, especially since she had spotted Mister Davidson in the audience. He was the casting director for many of the top shows on Broadway, and he was there especially to watch her. The show continued on, and she looked over at him several times during the show, only to see his handsome face staring hard at her from his seat. She tried her hardest to make an impression, but nothing seemed to work. When she had finished singing and dancing in the final number, she was struck by a triumphant feeling as she aknowledged the applause coming from the audience. She walked off the stage feeling happier than she had in a long time, and she was hit by the same triumphant feeling when she saw Mister Davidson waiting for her at her dressing room door. She was happier than she'd ever been as he told her how terrifically graceful her performance was. She blushed and thanked him for his compliment, feeling confident that he would offer her a staring role in one of his shows. Suddenly, he leaned down to kiss her face. He got closer, and then suddenly pulled away, claiming he had a late appointment. She quickly turned away from her, to her hide feelings of utter disappointment. She watched him walk down the hall, and shut the door to her dressing room, not realising her glittering gown had gotten caught in the door, ripping the bottm of it. She began to cry to herself, as she realised that she just couldn't face another show. That deoderant she tried had let her down, and she should have used Odorono.

Written: September 14, 1998
Based on the song 'Odorono', written by Pete Townshend, and appearing on 'The Who Sell Out'.

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