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February 6, 1999

Again, not in the mood to write. I would've updated earlier, but my friend was over.

Today I added stuff to the links page, and I won a new award.

There is something about Saturday nights that is so soothing...like, you just get home or whatever. And you can sit there, eat, drink, and relax as SNL is on. Great stuff. Only one problem...when you wake up in the morning, it's Sunday. Sundays BLOW, big time. They are so depressing, they just make you want to kill yourself. If you've ever watched MSCL, Angela once made a little monolouge about Sundays. She was right...they just plain suck. The only thing that gives me comfort is that the next day will not be as depressing. I actually prefer Moondays to Sundays. How sad is that?

The Breakfast Club rocks...I need to purchase that movie soon.


February 5, 1999

I'm not really in the writing mode today, either. Sorry, but when I'm not in that mode, I just can't write well.

As a kid, I was TOTALLY a tv junkie. My favourites were cartoons...She-ra, He-man, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, punky brewster (the original cartoon), and basically anything else with animation. I *loved* cartoons. I wish they still showed them on tv...I mean, sure, you can catch Thundercats on Cartoon Network once in a while after Sailor Moon if you are lucky, but that's about it. I don't even think the Disney Channel shows good cartoons anymore. Now they are all into educational programming and stuff...well that's all well and good, Disney...but I love my cartoons!!! They don't even show the Gummy Bears anymore, I don't think. Grrr. That makes me sad. When I was a kid in the 80's, the shows I watched were actually *fun*. They weren't educational, they were just mindless, amusing, and *fun* shows to watch. I feel like kids of the 90's are being deprived of their childhood or something. All their shows are so...schoolish. If I was a kid, I would be pretty pissed. Sure they have Rugrats, which rocks. I've watched that show since the very first eppy. I remember being at my grandmother's house the night the first eppy premiered, and making my parents stay later so that I didn't miss any of it. So can't everyone see *why* Rugrats is so popular amongst kids?? It's actually *fun*! Kids like it because they don't have to sit there and learn....they are being entertained, not taught. The 90's need more cartoons...for now I guess I'll have to live with the only 2 good 90's cartoons; Sailor Moon, and Daria.


PS: Does anyone else remember Romper Room?? If you know of any sites that have RR stuff, please email me.

February 4, 1999

I'm not really in the mood to write right now. I had some good stuff to say, too. But I'm just not in the mood.

Last night I was watching some show on ABC, and on the bottom of the screen they give you important news updates, towards the end of the show. So I'm reading the said updates, and one of them said "Researchers have discovered that ducks are capable of sleeping with one eye open." Excuse me? Was that *so* important that you had to take up space at the bottom of my television?! And who the hell cares, anyway? What is that going to do???? My life is not going to change because a duck is capable of sleeping with one of its eyes open! And who the HELL wasted their time researching this?! Geez.


February 3, 1999

Yep, my dad was wrong...the groundhog did NOT see his shadow. And it was really nice out today, so that makes me happy. I actually didn't have to wear my gimungous winter coat for once.

In case you are wondering what the hell 'gimungous' means, I'll explain it to you. Earlier this year (in October or September...I go by schoolyears, not real years :P) I was watching the 11 o' clock news one night, and they were showing how some whale was being released from captivity or something. They were showing the whale being observed by kids and stuff, and one little boy exclaimed rather loudly "He's gimungous!!!". Hence, the word is now an active member of my vocabulary.

My geometry teacher needs to take her maternity leave...NOW. She is being so rude lately. She yells at me all the time, for no reason at all other than she hates me. Sheesh. If I ever act like that when I am pregnant, I want someone to kill me. Seriously. Just do it, because if I am that much of a bitch to everyone, I don't deserve to be alive. She needs a blosha, seriously. And she sucks at teaching, too. I have a quiz tomorrow, and I am going to fail. Stupid whore.

I need my license like, now.

I am *finally* almost done reading Catcher in the Rye. See, I started it like, a month ago. I am a really fast reader, but I've had NO time to read. But now I'm almost done. It's a really good book, everyone should read it. I'm going to review on my reviews page, whenever the hell I put that up.

Today I added some new stuff to my webpage. I added two new dreams; Happening on the Subway, and ARGH!!!. I also added part 29 of the SHC-RR. So check 'em out if you want.


"You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."
-The Rolling Stones

February 2, 1999

In case you weren't aware, today is Groundhog Day. *I* certainly wasn't aware until about 3 o'clock...I was a little on the slow today, alright?! Anyway, who the hell knows what the little rodent saw...my dad claims he saw his shadow, but he's an idiot, so what does he know.

I have this really difficult essay to write for health class. I have to write about the traits of someone I know, and what kind of person they are. Well I already know who I'm going to write it about, I just don't know what to write. This person happens to be my best friend, but I'm just not sure what to write yet. I also have to write one about myself...that should be fun. I have to decide if I'm a concientious person or an altruisitic one. I'm leaning towards conscientious, because I have to always have things my own way and such. I also have an essay to write tonight for US History honours, one for Child Development & Psychology, and one for English. If they come out good, I'll post them on the essays page. I haven't updated that in a long time, so that's a plus.

The other day I added a poem and I really should put some author's notes with it. Because it really doesn't make any sense to anyone else but me. Well since I'm a lazyassmofo, I'll just tell you about it here:

At the begining of the year, there was a girl who sat next to me in bio. She was a really weird girl, but really nice. She did a lot of drugs. One day we were doing some stupidass lab experiment, and she was my partner. She was really out of it, cuz she had taken 3 hits of acid the period before. She kept screaming to me that there was a purple cat on top of the shelves in the lab, and that it was eating fish off a poster. She was also totally freaking out about someone who accidently touched her, and she was almost hysterically crying because she thought the candles we were using were swirling around at coming towards her. That's basically what the poem is describing. That two people sitting right next to each other, and are in two totally different worlds. Get it now?

A guy signed my guestbook reminding me poetry doesn't have to rhyme. I know it doesn't, and most good poetry doesn't rhyme...I just have a real problem writing non-rhyming poetry. And the poetry I write that doesn't rhyme, I don't put up here because it's really more of me just babbling about really personal stuff that I would never publish where certain people could see it. Actually, most of my better poetry *is* non-rhyming, but I would never post it on my poetry page because it's just too personal.

Yup, I'm a wuss.


February 1, 1999

Looks as if I'm going to yet another concert where I won't be singing along. At least it is music I like, though. I'm most likely seeing Rufus Wainwright on March 13. His music is really cool, but I don't have his cd, so I'll just be standing around like a morong...as usual. Oh well, I'll get over it. ARGH! Why did I just say that?! My best friend always says that, and I just want to smack him when he does it! And now I am saying it! It's madnez I tell you, MADNEZ!!!

To totally switch topics, Moonday night tv sucks. There is nothing on! The only thing I watch is like, Dateline. Shutup, I am a faithful viewer of that show! I like to be informed of the news & such, thanks.

Those things rock, you know. &&&&&&&. I love them! I actually use those in my handwriting, too. At first I couldn't draw them right, but now I've got it down. I'm serious. If I had a scanner, I'd scan some of them for you. I am SO good at drawing them! Ampersands rule!! Yeah, I know the name...I *did* get an A+ in keyboarding class, thankyouverymuch.

Mariah Carey needs to be taken out. I used to like her way back when (hey I was like, 8 so shutup!), but I got over that quickly. I never really disliked her until last year. Excuse me hooch girl! Who the hell does she think she is?! She's not even pretty. And I can *so* tell if a girl is pretty. I'm not a lesbien, but geez...like you can't tell if someone is pretty or not. She is ugly, her voice is screechy, and she is taking all old songs I used to *like* and ruining them! Grrr! Plus, she married her husband (Tommy Matola, however that is spelled) for his money. Nice example for young girls who idolize you, whore!

Hey, I just realised something! Tonight 7th Heaven is on. So something *is* on. Yay!


January 31, 1999

I decided that I'll clean this page up every week. Only bad thing is that my counter gets erased. Grrr.

I think the best thing has got to be when you get to be home alone for a long period of time. It rocks. Ok, I've only been here alone for a few hours...but it's awesome. I am a big time misanthropist...I just don't care for people. But I get SOOO much more done when I'm home alone. I caught up on a bunch of email, I'm updating my page, and my headaches have temporarily subsided. Yay.

You know what's sad? I didn't even know the superbowl was today until like, Thursday. Or maybe even Friday. There was like, no publicity this year or something. I like to watch football, so of course I'll be watching it...plus there are some real kick ass commercials during it. The only football team I like is the NE Patriots, and that's cuz they're my hometeam. Even though they suck, and Drew Bledsoe screws every game up for them, I never miss a game. Football is the only sport I can actually stand to watch. Well I like hockey too, but they don't show that on tv much. And there's no way in HELL that I am going to actually go to one of my school's games. Maybe the day hell freezes over, I will. Even then, you'd have to drag me there.

I'm really pissed off. I have this Pete Townshend bootleg video, and I can't find it anywhere. I'm afraid someone in my house taped over it. If that's the case, I am wicked pissed off. It only cost me like, $5, but that's not the point. Bootlegs are a pain in the ass to get, I *know* that no one else is going to give me that good of a deal on it. WHERE THE HELL IS MY TAPE?!?!?! Ok sorry, I really want to find it.

My family just got home, so I have to like, leave. Jerks.