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February 13, 1999

I'm going to update early tomorrow, since I'm going to be out for the night. So this won't be up for long....

Today I added a new campaign, and I'm just about to add two new poems. I really am going to work hard next week to update, since I have the week off from school.

Why in the hell do we have wisdom teeth? Just curious about that one. They have no point to them whatsoever other than to cause immense pain for everyone who is a member of the human race. Mine are growing in, and they KILL. They've been growing in for a while now...every once in a while my jaw would ache a bit, but it was not anything terribly painful; more of an annoyance, really. Yesterday they started to cut the skin....OUCH. Only on one side, mind you. They've managed to somehow cause sores to be in my mouth where they are growing in, and now I can't even chew on that side. Tonight as I was eating my Micky D's, I actually started *crying* because the ketchup was burning the cuts. Are you grossed out yet? I am! I also have a cold....what the heck?! Geez, what else could go wrong??? Wait, I know. But that isn't going to happen for about 2 more weeks...

My hair Rogerized itself today. In other words, it got totally curly, much as Roger Daltrey's was in the past, hence the term "Rogerized". It was awful. On him it looks sexy...on me, it looks scary. Tomorrow I'm going to actually take the time to straighten it.

Someone (I forget who) once asked me why I don't watch Ally McBeal, and my answer was that I don't like to watch people die. That might sound a little extreme, but it's true. I don't care what, she, her publicist, or anyone else says; this woman needs help for her eating disorder. I think it's terrible that the press is actually making fun of her for this.... this woman has a serious sickness, damnit! She needs medical help, and they are making fun of her?!? That is seriously messed up. People have no right to ask her about this....that is like going around asking random people if they have AIDS. You just don't do that. It's personal! I'm sort of being hypocritical then, but if she would just get help, maybe everyone would shutup.


February 12, 1999

Bad grammar really pisses me off. I'm not saying that my grammar is absolutly perfect...I'm human for Pete's sake. But people who make blatant mistakes just annoy me to no end.

There is a LOT of bad grammar in songs. Earlier I was listening to the radio while in the shower (I cannot take a shower without listening to it), and some BackstreetSynch98degrees5 song, and they said something that made me want to kill them all individually. Of course, I cannot think of the lyric right now...but it had something to do with using a plural verb with a singular noun. It just bugged me.

Then there's the most aggravating thing ever....in 'Miami' by Will Smith. I'm not sure if he is saying Hatian or Asian the first time, but I hope to Budda it's Hatian. Because if not, he is being really repititious and that bugs the hell out of me. Y'all probably have no clue what I am talking about...but that's ok.

I run into a LOT of bad grammar online...I just can't take it. It seriously bothers me. Maybe it's because I'm obsessive compulsive, I don't know. But if someone IM's me and they have bad grammar, I just lash out. Yep, I'm a bitch to talk to online most of the time, unless I know you. Or if you're a Who fan. ;) If anyone wants my IM name, you can email me and ask for it...but I'm not giving it out on here, because to put it bluntly, I don't like people. I'm a misanthropist and an introvert. Still want to IM me?? ;)


February 11, 1999

Being the genius that I am, I *just* realised I put the wrong date yesterday. Slick one, Grace.

I don't have much to say today. I have a cold. Surprising...no. You see, when *one* person in my school gets sick, the whole damn school gets sick. It really really sucks. I have this really bad hacking cough that sounds like a dog barking. It's kind of funny, but annoying.

Stuff is too expensive. I don't have a job right now, and last night I had to cough up $10 for makeup. I got mascara and a compact...$10?!? That's insane! I wouldn't have bought anything, but mine is so old I needed to replace it. I am a makeup fiend, and I always buy when stuff is on sale...but I don't really wear much makeup, so it's a bit odd, don't you think? All I wear for makeup is conceler when needed, pressed powder, brown mascara, chapstick (my addiction), and nude lipstick. I think girls look gross when they wear too much makeup, so I don't.


February 10, 1999

My hair is being pretty good so far, let's so how long *that* lasts.

Now that I actually have more than 2 minutes to write this, I don't even have anything to say. It sucks.

I am SOOOO behind on email, it's not even mildly amusing. I have about 10 different email addys, and quite a few of them are subbed to mailing lists of some sort. So, they must be checked every day or they get really full. Well obviously, I don't have time to check ALL of them every day...so I'm behind. I try to read all the important messages first, and then go through the others. It's really frustrating sometimes, but I couldn't bear to unsub from any of my lists...they're all too good.

There is just NO privicy in my house. My room has no door to it, so people take that as an open invitation to just come in whenever they want. Don't think I just have no door...my room is the attic, so it's upstairs. It's right off the kitchen, and everyone is always SOOOOO loud in the kitchen, and when I'm doing homework or listening to music or reading or playing the guitar or writing, I can't even concentrate. My pain in the couzan family does not help, either. They are either playing the keyboard, or on the phone, or talking loudly. Grrr.

Did anyone else watch The Sixties??? I thought it rocked, of course. Some parts of it were really corny, but that's ok. I liked it anyway. One question, though. Um, why the heck was the mud Brian rubbed all over his face and arms BLUE?! They were in NY, for Pete's sake...what the heck?! Did I miss something?


February 9, 1999

I'm in a MUCH better mood today. But, I only have like, 5 minutes to write this because my poor friend has been paging/calling me for about an hour now, and I really need to call her back.

I got my hair cut tonight, FINALLY! Ok, here's a question for y'all. When someone says "I'd like it resting on my shoulders please", do you cut it so that it *would* be resting on the shoulders if it was about...2 inches longer?!? Just curious, because this oh so intelligent woman did this to MY hair. Now I wouldn't really have minded as much, but I have REALLY thick hair, which is also very wavy. So, it gets *big* if it's cut the wrong way. It's the wrong way. I bought some straightening shampoo & conditioner, maybe that will help.

Don't you hate it when you pick up speech patterns from people you hang around with? My best friend says a lot of words, um, differently; for lack of a better adjective. Well I *always* say things that way now, and I don't even realise it. It drives me nuts, sometimes! I even *type* the pronounciations sometimes...


February 8, 1999

My family is a bunch of losers. The should all be hit hard by a Mack truck. Just thought you'd like to know.

Those stupid assholes are making me miss 7th Heaven, and she's having the goddamn TWINS!!!! @#*(&$%& jerks. I hope they all die, but I'd like to witness it, or it wouldn't be as good. My fat tub of lard ass brother is sitting on said ass and playing @^%$(^ N64. I *&^@$*& want to throw it out the window!!!!! I swear to 'god', I am going to break it over his fat thick neckless head.

I can't even write now, because of these assholes. Hope you're happy, shitheads.

I meant my family, not you two people that read this...


February 7, 1999

Know what I just realised?? I haven't putten the graphic up on this page yet that links to the "___of the day archives". Well it's now right down underneath the map there, see it? If you want to see past weeks, just click on that and you'll be right there. Are you excited yet?

Tonight The Sixties is going to be on...YAY! I am sooooo excited...I have been waiting for this movie to be on since like, November, for Pete's sake! It totally rocks. I love modern history, and the sixties are a decade that totally facinates me. I have read countless books on the subject, and I love sixties music. I tried to find the sdtk to the show at the store...but they didn't have it. Morons.

I went to get my hair cut today...it didn't happen. My family is a bunch of assholes, and that's all you need to know. I WILL get it cut by Valentines day, or someone is going to die.

I am actually going out for Valentines day this year, can you believe it? I'm always single on V-day (well, I'm just always single...), so I never do anything. Not that anything is different this year...I'm going with my best friend and his cousin and her friends. It should be fun...it's better than sitting on my ass at home and being bored all night, right?

I gotta write an essay for US History Honours tonight...fun fun fun. I better bring my grade up in that class...I hate B's. Tomorrow I'm getting my report card....that should be fun. I went down in Spanish. Now I have an A-. That blows, because I get 100% on everything. What the hell kind of grading system does the bitch have? I swear they grade you on your smile or something...because all my grades are like, totally off. My geometry teacher totally screwed everyone on their grades. Bitch. You would think a math teacher could do averages...but I guess getting the grade you deserve is too much to ask.