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February 20, 1999

I did no updating today, cuz I'm a lazy piece of cacosh. :P

This is going to be quick for 2 reasons:
1.) SNL is about to come one.
2.) I have nada to say.

Naybe, er, maybe I should write this in Spanish tonight, just for fun? Only one problem...I don't know that much Spanish. Oh what the hell, I'll do it anyway. If anyone wants a translation you can email me, not that you will because no one reads this.

Como estas esta noche? Estoy mal, porque estoy enferma y muy cansada. Quiero a leer el libro en mi cuarto ahora mismo. Voy a mi cuarto por veo SNL. Adios!


February 19, 1999

Updates: I updated the coming soon page, put up part 30 of the SHC Round Robin, and I think that's about it.

I'm not in a hurry today, but I have not a thing to say. Hmmm...nope, still nothing. I did put the wrong date again yesterday...whoops. No one has been visiting my page lately, it kind of sucks. For some reason AOL aka "I am an internet nazi" is saying my page isn't suitable for anyone under 18...what the hell??? There are hardly *any* swears on here, since I don't swear like, at all, in real life. There is no nudity on here, cuz I just don't have that sort of a site...what the hell else could it be??? I, myself, use AOL. But I have my access set to 'over 18' so that I can actually go to websites! AOL actually had the goddamn *Monkees lyrics pages* blocked. What the HELL is wrong with you people??! It's the MONKEES for pete's sake!!!!! Holy censorship, batman!


February 18, 1999

This is VERY quick cuz I gotta go see ER. I added a new award, and revised the lonks section. Adios.


February 17, 1999

I did a LOT of updating today. I added a new poem, which was written by someone who read my page. I suppose I can post poems of others if anyone sends 'em as long as they are good. ;)

Also, I added 2 new essays; one about me, one about my best friend.

I also added more lonks, fixed the coming soon page, and I added to the ice cream conspiracy.

I think that entitles me not to ramble on today...besides, I'm too tired.


"I like eggs."
-my dad

February 16, 1999

I know I didn't update yesterday, but I didn't have access to a computer so I couldn't. I ended up staying an extra night in MA, and got home early this morning; so if I sound delerious.... well, I probably am.

I don't really have much to say....I am SOOOOOOOO tired! I've been up since 6:30, for the love of Ivy! I can't wait to get up late tomorrow...that'll be awesome.

Just when I thought this vacation was going to be nice and relaxing, I just got this HUGE bundle of stress thrown on to me. I can't say anything about it, 'cuz it's top secret...so don't ask!! All I know is, it's really really stressfull!!!!

Tupac is not dead. I don't care what anyone says...I don't care if I saw his freakin' autoposy, however you spell that...he's alive. How the hell could someone who is dead release like, 3 new albums with new material?!?! And he has NEW videos, for Pete's sake!! How the HELL could he be dead??!?! The answer is: he's not. I never did think he *was* dead, to tell you the truth.


February 14, 1999

Happy Valentines day!!! I can only write for about 5 seconds, because I have to go pack my stuff up for tonight and finish getting ready.

I despise this holiday with a passion...there is no point to it. You are supposed to do nice stuff for the one you love *every* day, not just one day of the year. This wouldn't even be a holiday if it weren't for Hallmark. They totally blow things out of proportion when it comese to holidays. Like any woman *has* to have a box of fattening chocolates, or flowers dripping with pollen, or some stupid card that is so cheesy it makes you physically ill. I will NEVER celebrate Valentines day as long as I live. If my husband ever even *attempts* to celebrate it, he's in trouble. It's just some capitalist holiday...all that money goes down the drain on cacosh.


"CAN I FINISH?!?! Can I finish?, Can I finish?, Can I finish????"
-Dana Carvey