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February 27, 1999

I am SOOOOOO tired. In a much better mood, though. Today was my best friend's surprise party. He was surprised, cuz he didn't know it was going to be today. That was pretty fun. I am REALLY tired, though.

Is Ricky Martain not the cutest thing ever? I think he's adorable. Ok, just had to tell you that.

Joe Macantyre is too, however you spell that. I used to have the biggest crush on him when I was a kid. I LOVED NKOTB. I actually have a personalised autographed picture of the whole group. I aquired that from my uncle, who was a lawyer for their manager or something. I still have it in my closet somewhere.


February 26, 1999

I am SOOOO not in the mood to be doing this right now. Bad day. No sleep. Blah. I am having the most STRESSFUL day EVER!!!!! W(#*T&)(*$W^& B($* NH(*GY& WB(*(*$^bn7 . That was me, randomly punching in keys because I am having such a bad and FRUSTRATING day. Did you like that? Let's try it again, shall we? O*&% YTHP(*BNGVJKFNDFITJH(!@*#&!~ )+BBG&NVY*^BM*4b5uqoi6ujo.


February 25, 1999

Let me just say one thing....SNOW DAY!!!! Wa-who!!!!!!

It's a bit late, but I'm thinking tomorrow shall be another snow day, since we're supposed to get up to 20 inches tonight, here in the teeny tiny state of Rhode Island. Here's a question; why is it that people are totally mesmorised by the fact that I live in Rhode Island? Here is a typical conversation between me and some loser who IMs me online:

IamTheBomb: So where are you from?
Popseedlvr: Rhode Island.
IamTheBomb: Rhode Island???
Popseedlvr: Uh, yeah.
IamTheBomb: really?
Popseedlvr: YES. IamTheBomb: that is in new york, right?

You morons need to brush up on your US geography! I'm one to talk though...I failed a US geography test in 8th grade. Shigarasa.


February 24, 1999

Today I'm even more pissed off. Here's a little question...if your cousin is getting a surprise party thrown for him, would you tell him? The correct answer here is NO, you wouldn't. What the hell is wrong with this person?!?!?! Shigarasa grand!! I'm SOOO telling him off tomorrow, worthless piece of cacosh.

I really suck at art. Like, I've always know this to be true. But I really really really do suck at it.


February 23, 1999

I'm pissed off right now. I thought perhaps it as just my misanthropical ways that made me think all people were stupid...but no, I should never have reconsidered. All people *are* stupid. I am so mad I could scream {surpresses the urge}. I would tell you why, but there is a slight chance that I have no reason to be mad so I won't.

I know I'm updating early today, but that's cuz I'm SOOOOO tired. My insomnia is back again, and I'm never getting to sleep before 12:30 anymore. Of course, my mum just says it's the computer's fault. Yeah, like being on the computer after school and for a while in the evening can keep me awake at night! It isn't like I'm on the computer right before bed or anything; I'm not. I usually sign off around 9, and go up to my room to watch tv and do homework. Then I write in my journal, read from whatever book I'm reading (right now it's Shirley Jackson's, "The Lottery & other tales of the daemon lover", which scares the hell out of me for some unexplainable reason, and then put on the radio, and go to sleep. But lately, I end up laying in bed for hours before I'm able to fall asleep. I've suffered insomnia MANY times before...I actually didn't sleep at all last summer. Seriously...I was tired, of course, but I just didn't sleep. It drives me absolutely crazy, but my parents are idiots and refuse to let me get any type of help. We'll see how they like it when it's discovered that I have some sort of disease or something that's causing it. Jerks.


"When I grow up, I want to be a scab!"
-my history teacher

February 22, 1999

This shall be quick, for I want to get the hell out of this room (where wrestling is on) and go watch Sonny & Cher! Damn, my family has bad taste in tv. I need a computer in my room or something!

I finally got a scanner. Too bad it doesn't work. My mum doesn't read the freaking box which says WINDOWS *98* on it. It is supposed to work for Windows 95 as well, but it doesn't. It's a useless piece of trash that cost a lot of money, and is now taking up space on this already cluttered computer table, so that I feel so damn stuffy I can't even breathe over here.

Mondays suck.

And even though he doesn't read this....happy birthday AJ!!!! You're the best. ;)


February 21, 1999

This shall be quick, for I have much to do, and I really gotta get some sleep cuz my vacation is all over. >:\

Have you ever gone to a store like, right as it was closing? Tonight I went to Brooke's to get a card for my best friend, cuz it's his birthday tomorrow. I got there at 8:56, the store closes at 9:00. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. Anyway, as I walk to the door to enter the store, the lady who works there is *locking me out*. How flippin' rude can you get?! She did leave the other door open, so I went in. Her and her co-worker are just waiting for me to leave, and saying things like "Yeah, I gotta get home and go to bed, I sure am *tired*!" How rude is that? I'm trying to pick out a decent birthday card from all the cacosh they have, and they won't leave me alone. I finally had to settle on one that was designed for like, old women, but he's going to have to appreciate it, because it was the only one I could find that was blank inside and had a cat on it (he likes cats).