May 1, 1999

My radio station is so annoying...I realised tonight that they remix EVERY song.  Seriously, I'm not even exaggerating.  There are some songs that are just not meant to be Jump, by Van Halen.   It just wasn't meant to be a dance song.  You know what's even dumber?   When they remix dance songs.  Hello??  They are already dance songs, morons!  Whatever, that just bugs me.

Some kid at my school got suspended for wearing his jacket, which happens to be a trechcoat.  It's retarded.  He has had never done anything wrong in school previously, he has no criminal record, and they have no reason to suspect that he was planning to do anything bad.  He's been wearing this coat for over a year, so it's not as if he is doing it to disrespect the people who died in Colorado.  It's just his jacket.  He even takes it off in school and puts it in his locker.  What kind of crime is that??  America blows.


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April 29, 1999

Why are Tae-Boe videos so freaking expensive???   It's so unfair...I'm saving up for a car, I don't have the $$$ to spare.   Grrr.  Oh well, I do the vids every day in gym class for free, but I need them for the weekends.  You know what the saddest part is?  I actually know like, the whole dialouge of the video.  Like, when Billy Blanks is saying encouraging things between kicks and punches, I can mouth the words.  It's really sad.

Did anyone else ever notices that on Friends, Joey gets more stupid every eppy?  I don't know what it is, but it's really pathetic.   His mentality is that of a 3rd grader right about now.  Who the hell is writing that show???

Here is a question...what do you wear to a confirmation?  My best friend is making his, and I'm going to it...but I'm not sure about that.  Or what to give him, either.  It can't be anything too expensive, cuz he'd kill me.  I have an idea, but I'm open to suggestions, people.  


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April 27, 1999

Why are people so stupid?  My face was a tad sunburned, and all day yesterday all everyone did was ask "did you go tanning?"  What the hell???   Why in the name of Rog would I waste my hard earned $$$ paying for fake sun??   Why?!?!  It so does NOT make any sense to me.  My school is notourious for the blondestreakedhairedorangecomplexionedabercrappy wearingfrenchvanillaicecoffeedrinkingpreppygirls.  And wouldn't you figure, it was them who asked me if I went tanning.  I simply said "No, I perfer to spend my money on stuff I can't get for free."  Morons.

I need to find a book to read...I finished Deep End of the Ocean yesterday on the was pretty good, but sad.  I would go to the library, but...oh wait a minute, I was there yesterday.  Well I'm afraid to take out books, because I have these incredibly scary overdue fines to pay, and I can't stand to waste my hard earned $$$ to pay because my parents are stupid and won't drive me to the library to return books on time.  Besides, the library was just redone, and it is impossible to find anything in there.  It has got to be the worst job of organising I've ever seen in my 16 years of life.  Also, they have virtually nothing in the way of the kind of books I like...yet, they have aisles and aisles of those cheap romance novels my grandmother reads.  Bizzare. 

My mind is a total wasteland of useless crap.  I can recite every line to the movie Grease, but I totally blank when trying to remember the periodic table of elements.  I know EVERY song in the world, but forget how to spell 'decision'.  It's sad, really.


Updates:  A new ramble.

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April 25, 1999

Is anyone else having trouble seeing the pic on the splash page?  I'm @*$&%!*$ sick of this $hit...I work so hard on this page, and then nothing works.   >:\

I'm way to tired to add anything, and I'm in a bad mood because I just spent 6 @*$&%^ hours on a was just hell.  Everyone I see is just pissing me off, thank goodnez I get the house to myself for a bit.

My face is soooooo sunburned from being outside all day yesterday...I must search for some aloe vera.  I know I have some somewhere....

I promise to add something new by Tuesday!   Tonight I need to read some more about T. Roosevelt, who SUCKS, and research for a paper that's due Tuesday, which I haven't started yet.  I define procrastination.  


Updates:  A new campaign.

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April 22, 1999

Check out my splash page...what do you think of the graphic?  I drew it myself, so it probably sucks.  ;) 

I'm not going to update again until Sunday, because I'm going away for the weekend...but I'm going to try to write some new material on the train, because it's going to be soooo boring. 

Does anyone know how to delete a hotmail addy? 

I have an idea for a new ramble, so I'm going to try to add it on Sunday. 

Sorry I have nothing more to say, my day is way too hectic for anything else.


Updates:  I fixed up the splash page, and updated things people say.

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April 20, 1999

Breaking News!

I got another hatemail, so the idiots page has been updated!   :) 


I did some updating today, for a change.  No content added, though.  I'm going to attempt to write some tonight.  Just one question though...when you click something in my frame, does it open in a new window?   Because that is not supposed to happen, and it really aggravates me, but I'm not sure how to fix it.  I think I may have taken care of it though.

Ok, let me ask y'all I the only person on the face of this earth who doesn't like Dawson's Creek?  That show is just totally pointless...and Pacey is NOT hot, so I don't know what is wrong with you people!  I used to have a crush on him when I was about 10, because of the Mighty Ducks movies...I got over that once I saw how disgusting he looked now.  Maybe I'm just insane...I am very picky when it comes to guys, and I have 'weird' taste according to my friends.   Whatever. 

Here is something else that is weird...of all the guys I've ever liked, only one of them has been blonde, and I only liked him for about a week.  That isn't even the odd part, though.  The odd part is that I find blonde guys attractive more than brunette guys.  For example, most of the celebs I lust over are blonde.  But in real life, I'm just more attracted to guys with darker hair.   I don't know, I just find that to be odd. 


Updates:  I added a whole ton of lonks, and I think that's about it...I also screwed around with the main page.

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April 19, 1999

I'm downloading Netscape 4.51, so I need to kill some time.

Does anyone know how to use netscape's mail server?   Like you know the one that tops up whenever you click on someone's addy on netscape?  well how the hell does it work?  do I need special software?  am I just being retarded, and it's very simple?

Thank buddha it's Moonday...I hate sundays.   Nothing is on late night tv, and that just blows.  I need my Conan O' Brien when I can't sleep, damnit. 

My best friend AJ was telling me the other day that 'they' found scars on Britney Spears' breasts, so they think she had implants, and now Pepsi won't sponser her.  My first question was "who are they, and why are the examining this 17 year old girl's breasts??"  Seriously, that's just odd.  But secondly, why is a 17 year old girl getting breast implants?  I don't think Pepsi should stop sponsering her tour because of's her own personal choice, and it's her own body, and it's none of their business.  Truthfully, I feel bad for Britney Spears.  She's getting totally used by the music industry, it's so obvious to me, I don't see how she can't get it.  If you've ever heard any of her songs, you'll see that she can't sing for beans...her vocal abilities are manipulated by digital effects and such in the recording studio.  She wrote only one of her own songs, and she doesn't (to my knowledge) play any instruments.  To me, it just seems that the record company knows they can make millions off a pretty young girl, and that's what they're doing.  Her record company even used the first pressing of her cd to put snippets of the Backstreet Boys next album.  That is complete manipulation.   This poor girl...she is totally being manipulated, I can just picture a Behind the Music on her in like, 6 years.  And before anyone emails me saying I'm just jealous of her...I don't feel even a sliver of jealousy, I feel sympathy.  I don't care how annoying she is; she's human too.


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April 18, 1999

I'm not even archiving last week's stuff, because it was totally worthless.  I changed this page to "___of the moment" so that I don't feel bad if I have to skip a day for some reason.  I updated some stuff tonight, shockingly.

Some guy sang to me at Micky D's tonight, so that's always good.  I ordered a #5 supersized (hey, I hadn't eaten all day...and I weigh less than 100lbs, I can eat if I want to :P), and the guy at the window goes "There may be more than 6 chicken nuggest, cuz I can't count...that's why I work at McDooooooonaaaaaaaaalddddddssssss!!!"  and he sings the word 'McDonalds'.   I laughed for a good 5 minutes.

Some dumbass is trying to piss me off...too bad it isn't working, and I've decided to showcase his stupidity on this very site.  Are you excited or what?  Just vist the Idiots includes the comments of that moron, and my repsonses.  Fun for the whole family, I promise!


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