The Idiots Page V3.0

Yes, morons are still trying to tell me off.   So I present to you V3.0.  When will the idiocy stop?  <sigh>

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This dumbass trys to come back at me...

Record 68
Name: Drifter
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1999-07-19 03:16:34
Comments: Well you certainly told me! I running away with MY tail between my legs... As for my email 'addy' there's nothing wrong with it... maybe you spelled it wrong or
something... hehehe..take that! :P Ah well... its been fun.. Thanks.

My response:

Listen dickhead, I'm sick of you.  You have nothing intelligent to say, so shutup.  I'm writing this here, because you are putting an invalid email address like most of the chickenshit losers that try to insult me.   Nice try, though.  Ass.