After I got home from seeing the movie, my dad insisted I read the book.  So, I did.  Wow.  It was WAY better than the movie, and I liked the movie.  Things were so incredibly different, though.   There was a different killer, for pete's sake!  I guessed who it was, of course, though in the movie I couldn't because he was in it for all of ten seconds.   The book and movie were like two different stories.  I reccomend this book to everyone, it's one of those you can't put down, though, so make sure you've got a few free hours before starting it.  The forensics part of the book was especially interesting, as I was considering taking forensics next year as one of my electives.  The only other thing I'll say is that my fear of being buried alive is totally intensified now.   Damn.


I'd heard through the duranie grapevine that this album was rubbish, which made me want to get it oh so badly.  I picked it up on ebay for dirt cheap, and was surprised to see it was in almost perfect condition when I got it...I figured it really MUST be as bad as everyone says.  Then I listened to it, and couldn't disagree more.  The first song, White Lines, was the song that during their concert Simon LeBon spit on me baptised me, so it will always hold a dear special place in my heart.  Perfect Day is the epitome of beauty, it always makes me relax and think of every colour of the rainbow for some reason.  Lay Lady Lay just makes me lust for Simon...and I love Watching the Detectives as well.  The other songs are all good too, and hearing Simon rap during 911 is a Joke is frickin' hilarious. 


I thought this movie was funny, although I think I missed something since I didn't see the very all of Joan Cusak's talk of being fat made no sense to me, though I figured she had formally been, how shall I say, larger than life.  I totally knew what was going to happen at the end though...maybe the movie was predictable, but I think it was more of my instinct coming in.  Sometimes I hate when I figure out the end, but since this was a comedy I didn't mind much.  I didn't really care for the gay stereotyping, but whatever...a good movie to see if you're bored and it's on tv (I caught it on HBO).